Wednesday, October 10, 2018

How I Became A Futa HuCow: The Ranch by Bryce Calderwood (#erotica #futa #hucow #femdom)

I went into How I Became A Futa HuCow: The Ranch with high expectations - completely unfair and totally unreasonable expectations. It sounded delicious, a creamy mash-up of some of my favorite fetishes, but I feared the book would never satisfy my thirst, no matter how much I love Bryce Calderwood's work.

Never have I been so happy to be so very wrong! This was so hot, so over-the-top extraordinary, it should come with a warm washcloth and a cold shower.

Before I get to the erotic delights, let me talk a bit about the book's technical brilliance. One of the areas where Bryce always excels is with his world-building. He is a master of establishing the where, when, and why of a story, and he does it with seemingly effortless efficiency. The other area that always astounds me is the way he imbues his characters with such personality, almost exclusively by showing, rather than telling. Within a page or two of meeting them, these characters have personalities, motivations, relationships, and conflicts. It is wonderful stuff.

Mia is a fantastic protagonist, but it is in Nadia that Bryce's talent for characters shines brightest. She initially seems like a stock character, there simply to get Mia into the right circles to investigate F Cream, but she becomes so much more. She has real personality, and what we learn about her humanity, her sexuality, and her jealousy is rather surprising, especially as it casts a shadow over Mia's own passions. There is a sense of conflict there, a whole other level of social awareness, and it gives the story surprising depth.

Now, with all that said, Domino is the real attraction here - a thick, gorgeously curvy girl with ridiculously large, gravity-defying breasts and a penis so thick, you would need a third hand to grasp its circumference. She puts on a stage show that simply has to be seen (or, in this case, read) to be believed, all centered around a magnificent machine that pleasures, penetrates, milks, and masturbates her, collecting all those erotic . . . addictive . . . aphrodisiac fluids to produce a fresh back of F Cream . . . which guests drink out of glass bottles with perversely detailed nipples upon which to suck.

Oh, and Mia finds herself wanting to be just like Domino, leading her to The Ranch of the title.

And I will stop there, having said more than enough. There are scenes of lesbian delight, futa domination, pet-play, and body modification along the way, but this is an erotically intense (and gloriously messy) read that goes so far beyond the usual hucow or futanari fetishes that it almost needs its own classification. Wow.

Bryce Calderwood is an award-winning, top-100 Amazon author who has been publishing strangely hot erotica since 2015. His stories usually combine paranormal elements with either futanari or BDSM (or both). Bryce likes to explore the boundaries between sex and violence, between pleasure and pain, and between the human and the monstrous.

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