Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Setting the Record Straight by Trina Spillman (#faerytale #fairytale #erotica #humor)

I love fairy tales. I mean, what girl doesn't? They are classic stories where love wins out, the villain gets what they deserve, and there is always a happily-ever-after. Of course, we only get one side of the story, and sometimes the perspective can be a bit biased, sanitized for a young audience. As it turns out, the real story is most definitely for adults only, and the facts are even more exciting than the fables!

With Setting the Record Straight, Trina Spillman puts her sexy reporter - Maggie McCullough - on the case, investigating the stories of Fablecastle for The Daily Mirror newspaper. Armed only with her good looks, her natural charm, and some enchanted pastries, she sets out to meet with those fairy tale characters who want the real story told.

The first fable to be exposed is that of The Big Bad Wolf who, it turns out, really did eat Grandma . . . just not in the way kids are told. This was a fun, frantic, scandalous tale, told beautifully through Maggie's wide-eyed questioning and her excited scribbling. It is erotic, adventurous, and even a bit sad in places as true love battles prejudice and private truths challenge public perception.

Next up is the story of Cinderella, which exposes the truth about the evil stepsisters (they were not all as bad as we have been told), their mother (she really was horrible), the fairy godmother (what he really did is so not suitable for children), and Cinderella herself (a less-than-innocent lass who truly won her love). There were some laugh-out-loud moments with this one, along with some erotic twists that I daresay are more interesting than magic slippers, and a happily-ever-after that makes Maggie a celebrity.

There are so many more stories to be told, of course, with one of the biggest teased at the end. While fairy tale reinventions can be difficult to do well, Setting the Record Straight shines because of Maggie, who is the perfect storyteller for exposing the erotic truths. I quite liked this and cannot wait for more!

Author of Florida Frights: Ghosts of the Keys, a collection of strange but true, and meticulously researched, ghost stories, Trina Spillman has now ventured into the world of erotica. Her latest work--a rocking, ribald, humorous series entitled Setting the Record Straight--starts with the truth behind the tales of The Big Bad Wolf and Cinderella. Mrs. Spillman lives in South Florida with her husband and splits her time between their home on land and their houseboat where she hunkers down to create stories guaranteed to make you laugh, or cry ... or blush.

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