Sunday, October 28, 2018

TS, I Love You by Kay Brandt (#romance #erotica #transsexual #lesbian)

TS, I Love You is a new series of short stories by the amazing Kay Brandt, in which she brings her erotic and romantic storytelling prowess to a transsexual relationship. I have been looking forward to this for a while now, ever since she first teased the idea, and I am delighted to say it is just a beautiful as I had hoped.

Unconditional Love, the opening chapter in TS, I Love You, is a fun (and funny) tale of old friends reconnecting in new ways. Kay Brandt introduces us to a high school love triangle of close friendships and unrequited romantic obsession that, years later, has left everyone with regrets over what might have been. When the three friends reconnect over social media, there is a natural bit of shock over the fact that Preston now identifies as Presley, but Annmarie's curiosity is handled beautifully.

For a story that has gender exploration at its heart, this was wonderfully positive, respectful, and understanding - and not just in terms of language and pronouns, but in the way Annmarie expresses her attraction to Presley. It is delightful to see them feeling each other out, sharing those high school feelings, and discovering that their attraction was mutual. It does not take long to reestablish their friendship, despite the years, and when romance and passion follow . . . it is the natural next step.

Wanting More, the second chapter in TS, I Love You, opens by making it clear that the first sexual exploration between Annmarie and Presley was not simply wine-fueled desire, but a night based on "deep, primal attraction." There are no regrets or second thoughts, just the need to see one another again, with cute, romantic text messages filling the days in between, and further defined by the natural fears of scaring one another with the depths of their obsession.

This second story does stray more into fetish territory, both in terms of how the lovers think and act, but it remains respectful of Presley's gender and identity. In fact, their scene of erotic exhibitionism at the Italian restaurant is one of the most sensual, most sexual things I have ever read, and it does a stunning job of reminding us that it is two women exploring one another over dinner, despite what may lie below the table.

In reading the first two chapters of TS, I Love You back-to-back, I am struck by how Kay Brandt divided the storytelling, while using it to blur the gender binary. Unconditional Love totally climaxes around what lies between Presley's legs, but Wanting More is all about climaxing between Annmarie's thighs. Together, the two stories paint a picture of two women in love with one another, respecting and exploring their gender identities, but moving beyond questions of transition or transformation to enjoy who they are today. I cannot wait for the third book!

Kay Brandt is a seductive storyteller, award-winning adult filmmaker and bestselling author, delivering a passionate blend of story and explicit, graphic content. Kay's current creative passions include writing/directing a new genre of adult films based on erotic books.


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