Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Cuckold Chronicles by J.R. Williams (#cuckold #sissy #chastity)

Cuckold Chronicles is a 6-book series by J.R. Williams that is surprisingly well-written and remarkably insightful, elevating it above the usual fetish fantasy fiction - although it is not entirely without its flaws.

Birth of a Cuck was an absolutely fantastic opener, in which a husband and wife honestly discuss their fantasies while making love. There is no trickery or deception, no cheating or ambushing a partner with an erotic surprise, just the natural progression from curiosity, to arousal, to experimentation. The dialogue is natural, the erotic aspects are well-done, and the danger of the situation rings true. The only place where this falls short is in the finale, in which the wife's personality changes completely, leaping from plausible erotica to humiliation fantasy.

The story progresses naturally to Interracial Cuckold Wedding, with Williams exploring reluctant desires, second thoughts, and the fear of real-world consequences to fantasy actions. John finds himself on the outside of his own marriage, looking in on his wife and her lovers as the story moves into the realm of female domination and cuckold humiliation. I thought this chapter did a great job of driving home the complications of an interracial cuckolding marriage, and the usurpation of the wedding ceremony is chilling, erotic, and humorous.

Interracial Cuckold Honeymoon is where the story does away with reality and plausibility and plunges headlong into extreme fantasy. A third wheel in his own honeymoon, John can only watch as Khloe not only satisfies their bull, but gets whored out to the black men of the island. She takes all comers, with no lube, no preparation, and hardly any pain afterward, which continues to strain the bounds of credibility, but this chapter does a couple of exciting things. First, it sees John start to take an active role in the relationship and, second, it sees him actually come to enjoy the taste and the experience of cleaning up after his wife's loves.

The fantasy became more extreme in the last chapter, and in Breeding My Wife it encompasses an entire culture and community. No longer content to be just a hotwife cuckoldress, Khloe wants to become pregnant with a black man's baby, and she does not care whose. Her bulls set up a breeding party where she gets double and triple-teamed, filled to the brim, and happily bred alongside another woman. Again, total fantasy here, with no preparation, no lubrication, and no thought for cleanliness or diseases, just the overwhelming desire to carry a black stranger's baby. It is intensely erotic, and the dialogue is incredibly dirty, but it is clear that the marriage is no longer what John fantasized.

You might wonder where a story can go after an honeymoon gangbang and interracial breeding party, and Caged Cuckold takes things to the next step. Here, Khloe puts her foot down and decides that it is no longer enough for John to clean her of her lover's deposits and take care of her black baby. Having forever denied him the opportunity to orgasm with her, she decides to prevent him from having an orgasm while watching or on his own. It is humiliating, and a difficult punishment for John to endure, but it does have the added bonus of teaching him to appreciate his clean-up duties. After a few unrealistic fantasy chapters, this one seems to pull the story back into plausibility, and I loved what it means for John, putting him back at the center of the story, and setting up a rather fitting finale.

Birth of a Sissy puts some humanity back into the story, and leads us to a happy ending - one I hoped we would have seen far sooner, but appreciate even more for having seen what John endured to get here. This chapter is all John's, as we see him realizing that a chaste cuckold really has nothing left to offer his wife, but a chaste sissy cuckold may have something to offer their bull. I absolutely loved what Williams did with gender and sexuality here, exploring the sexual appeal of submissive femininity. It is not just about the thrill of crossdressing or the joy of bisexuality either, it is the way their entire marriage transforms, with Calvin inviting both sissy and hotwife into his bed, and all three discovering a shared love for one another.

Readers who prefer to see their cuckolding erotic end with pain, humiliation, and degradation should probably stop with the second-last book, but those who love a happy ending, who cannot deny the romantic inside of them, reading the Cuckold Chronicles through to the end is a must.


  1. How do I ge the FUCKING BOOK???????????????????

    1. The whole series is available on Amazon, hon - the book titles link to the Amazon pages.