Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Satan's Daughter by Karen Singer (#transgender #horror)

Author Karen Singer has put together a page turner in her novel, “Satan’s Daughter.”  Written in a style that evokes the cadence of an ever-deepening drum beat, this book builds to a startling and unexpected conclusion. In a variation of themes taken from Greek mythology, the Cain and Able story, with “The Bad Seed” thrown in for good measure, Singer’s book is brilliant in its simplicity, yet very much a deep psychological thriller.

On the one hand, the author presumes that reader of this book is astute enough to realize that those born to gender variance are bound to experience some level of emotional distress, often leading to anxiety, mood disorders or even suicide.  On the other hand, and sad to say, there may be some few individuals who are so uncomfortable with their gender dysphoric feelings that delusional thinking or even violent psychosis may be the result. Fortunately, this later group represents only a small minority, but it seems that David, the protagonist, sadly falls into this later category.

This is a book about a slow but inexorable gender transition, mental illness, recovery and emotional healing in the context of a severely dysfunctional family. It is also a book about startling resilience, powerful retribution, enduring love, loyalty and finally, forgiveness.  “Satan’s Daughter” is a wonderfully crafted novel that nearly every reader can enjoy on a multitude of levels.

Karen Singer has been writing transgender and fetish novels for many years. She likes nothing better than to get lost in writing a good book, and let the book itself take over and dictate where it will go. She is often just as surprised at what comes out as her readers are

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