Sunday, November 25, 2018

#TGCaption - A Slippery Slope (#crossdressing #bisexual)

TG Captions are one of my favorite forms of storytelling. There is no narrative fluff, no extraneous details, just the hook, the twist, and the climax.

I am absolutely in love with this image. I would kill to look that good, and to be able to afford that quality of lingerie. I might prefer a sugar momma, but a girl cannot afford to be picky. :)


  1. Very nicely written Sally....
    We're not women and we're not men either.....and although I have had men in every way possible I've never considered myself a "faggot" although if you're pulling my hair while you're taking me from behind I really don't mind being called names,,,,,but honestly I don't think "faggot" applies!!!!
    Like on so many other forms I've filled out in my life I'd have to check the box marked "Other"!!!

  2. I agree with Kaaren, a wonderful caption, and I too used to never consider myself a faggot, I was "bi" but a few years ago looking back at my path as Stephanie, accepting gifts from gentlemen for my bedroom action, it's clear I am NOT bi anymore.