Monday, November 26, 2018

The Witches Orchard by R Wolf (#horror #transgender)

Although "The Witches Orchard: A Transformation Story" by R Wolf was mesmerizing and freaky, reminiscent of the Twilight Zone at its scariest, the grammar and editing was terrible.

The story is a well-conceived gender transformation tale, set in a horror context.  However, this reviewer had the thought that it must have been written by a person for whom English was a second language or, perhaps they somehow did not know how to employ the spelling and grammar checker?

Nevertheless, because the telling marched so inexorably down an ever more garish path, into something so grandiose and beyond belief, perseverance became the watchword and this reader was ultimately not unhappy with the choice to continue.

Takeaways: We are one with nature. Be careful what you wish for. Being impulsive can be dangerous. And don't mess with a witch!

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