Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Chasing the Idol by Farleven (#erotica #genderswap #archaeology)

I have had my eye on Farleven's work for a while now, so when I saw they had a new series underway that merges my love for tomb-raiding adventure with my fetish for gender transformation, I simply could not resist!

Busty Discoveries is the first installment of Chasing the Idol, and it does a wonderful job of setting the scene, establishing the characters, and revealing a bit of the underlying mythology. We meet Nate and Brian in a total Raiders moment as they clear away a curtain of vines, thrust their torch forward, and peer into a stone chamber that has been lost for centuries. Their excitement is infectious, and their exploration of the chamber is filled with the kinds of details that I look for in an adventure.

As for the actual gender transformation, it goes by a bit too quickly for my tastes, but the mystical trigger is fantastic, and there are some great details. Of course, in true pulp adventure fashion, they are almost immediately overcome by tomb raiders of a darker, more dangerous nature, adding a whole new level of awkwardness to Nate's situation.

For those who prefer fetish to adventure, the story does offer up some definite erotic thrills in the final pages, with plenty of time for Nate to explore his new body, and the opportunity for some sexual experimentation as well, all of which Farleven handles very well.

Picking up after the events of the first Chasing the Idol adventure, Idol Passions opens with Nate and Brian confiding in a local researcher, looking for help with Nate's newfound femininity as much as with their need to recover the talisman from the rival tomb-raiders. Her disbelief is natural, and her amusement over the situation adds a nice bit of humiliation to the situation, especially once she begins teaching him how to look and act the part.

Fetish fans will love the detailed scenes of further feminization, with Farleven capturing the feel, the fit, and the fashion of being a woman beautifully. Nate initially feels like a crossdresser, with the feel of a skirt entirely alien to him, but he also recognizes that his new bosom needs the support of a bra, which makes for an interesting experience.

When the story swings back to tomb-raiding territory, things get even more uncomfortable, putting Nate into an embarrassing, erotically charged situation that requires him to play the role of willing seductress. The second half of the story is full of thrills, heady with anticipation, and does eventually lead to some delightfully erotic moments. I loved how Nate's body responds to physical attention, even as he fights it mentally, with the combination both exploring and celebrating his femininity.

I wondered how things would play out, and loved the risk of discovery, but the final twist was still a delight, leaving me anxious to continue the story with Losing Control.

About Farleven: I've enjoyed writing stories from a very young age and as I grew older it only seemed natural to expand my writing into more adventurous realms. I grew up a child of the eighties and weaned on rerun tv and well stocked local library that stoked a love of adventure in me.

As a youth, I was drawn to mind control and transformation. The ability to be whatever you wanted to be or have complete control over your domain were both compelling. Of course, as I grew older, the relative innocence of these interests gave way to an ever growing kink that eventually exploded into my writings. To my surprise, I discovered that the opposite of complete control, the notion of being completely dominated, held an almost equal power over my fantasies. In both ways one can give into pleasure without reservation.

It is that energy that I try to weave into my work. A passion for pleasure, even when it may not have been requested, in the end it is begged for. For sometimes only in darkness can a single light shine brightest.

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