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Cuckold Husbands Service the Bulls by Raven Merlot & J.D. Cuckold Husband (#cuckold #bisexual #femdom)

From a lifestyle perspective, I admire the female empowerment aspect of cuckolding, the idea that a woman deserves to take a lover, and that her husband owes it to her to service her needs and her desires. From a fantasy perspective, I love the exploration of how a husband's sexuality might be altered by the chastity, submission, and emasculation aspects of cuckolding, especially when it leads to forced or coerced bisexuality.

That is why stories like the Cuckold Husbands Service the Bulls series by Raven Merlot & J.D. Cuckold Husband intrigue and excite me so much - not just paying lip service (pun intended) to the bisexuality, but focusing on it.

The Hole Thing, the first Cuckold Husbands Service the Bulls story, is the story of a husband who suffers from erectile dysfunction, but is too embarrassed to seek help from a small-town doctor. Instead, he suffers his wife taking a series of lovers, dressing as a cheap whore and talking dirtier than she ever would with Will.

Where things get interesting is when Will tries to sleep through the excitement, lying in bed beside his wife and her lover, but finds himself growing hard. "Hey, take over for me, okay?" is such a simple request, but a pivotal one. Within moments he finds himself taking Ramon into his mouth, no argument, no fighting, no pressure . . . it just happens.

The story does get a tad crazy in the final chapter, involving a little public exhibition and gloryhole fluffing, but it maintains the right attitude of bewildered excitement that makes this so much fun.

Sorry Honey, You're Gay Now Part One is a very different from the first Cuckold Husbands Service the Bulls story, involving a husband who has let himself go and a wife who has chosen to fulfill her own desires since he has lost the ability to do it for her. It is the story of a marriage that is already over from a romantic and intimacy standpoint, but which Simon remains trapped in because he cannot afford to leave.

The cuckolding here his darker and crueler, designed as much to please Mary-Ann as to embarrass and humiliate Simon. When she invites him to join in their love making, he is eager to jump at the chance, but quickly finds out his role is not to be what he expected . . . and that excites him in ways he fears to face. His wife and his lover not only force him to orally please Jesse, but make him beg for it, verbally worship it, and accept his new role as their girl.

While this second story strays further into humiliation and degradation than I prefer, there is enough doubt and uncertainty on Simon's part to make it interesting, and the realization of his role is extraordinarily arousing.

Sorry Honey, You're Gay Now Part Two, the third Cuckold Husbands Service the Bulls story, picks up immediately after the last one, and returns a little physical intimacy to the marriage of Simon and Mary-Ann. I really liked that most of this story was focused on husband and wife, exploring the consequences of forcing Simon into being an active participant in his own cuckolding.

This is a story that is heavy on female domination, emasculation, and forced feminization. There is plenty of verbal chastisement, physical punishment, and (most importantly) rewards for being a good girl. It is exciting, and it shows how the role of a cuckold can be evolved and transformed as much through positive reinforcement as humiliation and degradation. Simon retains some of the doubt and uncertainty that marked their first story together, but is settling into his role nicely.

As readers are likely hoping, this story explores more intimate penetrations for the first time, but only after properly preparing Simon/Simone for the taking of her virginity. It is a wonderful scene, full of the little touches that make for a very happy ending.

As much fun as these three stories are, they are only half the story. You can continue reading, one story at a time, or treat yourself to the Cuckold Husbands Service the Bulls: 7 Story MMF First Time Gay Bedtime Bundle for enjoy a long and rewarding night of reading.

About Raven Merlot: I write about cuckolding, kink, spanking, and whatever else excites me. I love connecting with my readers and try to respond to everyone. My non-writing time is spent with my husband and son and being a part-time couples therapist. I never write about my patients but I do occasionally get inspired by them.

My books aren't for everyone and I don't take that personally. Read for yourself to find out! You can sign up for my e-mail list at I frequently give away books for free and want you to know how to get them.


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