Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Encountering a Futa Ghost & Cheating Billionaire MILF by Alice Layne (erotica lesbian transgender)

Alice Layne is a name I have been encountering more and more lately, both on Amazon and in social media, so I figured it was finally time I took advantage of all those Freebie Friday reads and explored her world.

Encountering a Futa Ghost was a fun story that was surprisingly sentimental, and even a bit philosophical about life-after-death. Where some authors would have been content to simply indulge in a bit of paranormal porn, Alice Layne explores the sad life of an orphan, forgotten in death, and left to linger without the warmth of human memories. In explaining to Crystal what a ghost is and how they are able to interact with the physical world, Tanya reveals why she is so different, and that draws the two women together into a romantic, otherworldly relationship.

More sensual than erotic, this was a story that really impressed me with its dedication to the concept, and with the effort put into establishing both women. What begins with the simple sharing of mortal warm soon leads to them getting naked, and even as they are being intimate, they are still talking about Tanya's fate and the logistics of being together. A very nice change of pace. I quite enjoyed this.

Cheating Billionaire MILF was closer to what I expected from the cover blurb, and yet it had a few twists that turned expectations on their head and really intensified the erotic aspects. Alice Layne opens the story by introducing us to Kelsey, a young woman in charge of her own construction crew, before bringing Trisha, the wealthy MILF into the scene. It is Trisha who takes control at first, and Kelsey who seems taken aback, caught off-guard by the attention.

When the story moves to the bedroom, however, we find out just how wrong appearances can be. I loved how the story turned the tables, and how it did it so carefully and so casually. Kelsey shifts from innocent playfulness to dominant arrogance, and the ways in which Trisha submits to that attention, betraying her own sexual needs in the process is simply mind-blowing. I love a story that plays with personality, that really gets into roles, and this made me hungry for more of Kelsey's adventures.

About Alice Layne: Hello! A little bit about me, I'm a twenty-three-year-old transgender woman pursuing writing erotica as a career. My stories are short, emotionally dense, and steamy! Often, these stories have a focus on crossdressing, sissification, cheating, and other naughty things....

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