Monday, December 24, 2018

Futa Claus is Coming! by Ashe Valenti (futa lesbian erotica holiday)

One of my favorite things to unwrap during the Holiday season is a new book, but even better is reaching deep into your stocking and finding a new favorite author. Futa Claus is Coming! was an absolutely delightful read and, based on its futa-tastic magic, I think it is safe I will be reading a lot more of Ashe Valenti here in the new year!

Not only was this a gorgeously sexy read, but it was a solid story with complex characters and genuine emotion. Ashe does a lovely job of introducing us to Krissy Kringle, the Futanari Claus, allowing us to get to know her through Dizzy, one of Santa's infatuated elves. The opening scene is a fun bit of tease-and-denial, with holiday humor wordplay to keep it seasonal, but there is just a hint of an edge beneath the erotica. Krissy is not just another oversexed futa, but a Christmas spirit with duties and responsibilities to women all over the world.

The real magic comes, though, when Krissy takes to the skies on her enchanted motorcycle and begins making the rounds of extraordinary, everyday women who deserve a little holiday cheer. These are women with lives that extend beyond the story, with backstories that establish them as characters worthy of our sympathy and admiration. They have families and jobs, needs and fears, and Krissy brings them more than just physical satisfaction. As a matter of fact, you could remove all the sex from the story - not that you would want to! - and this would still be a solid, feel-good holiday drama.

As for the sex, it is what puts this over the top, both because of what is involved and how Ashe tells it. The erotic scenes are both sweet and intense, smutty and caring. They develop wonderfully, naturally even (with the help of a little magic, of course), before indulging in the excesses of futanari erotica. Futa Claus is Coming! is something I thought I would never read, a feel-good holiday story that touches the heart as deeply as it does . . . well, other naughty places!

About Ashe Valenti: I'm Ashe Valenti, and I live to write the most outrageous and sexy dickgirl stories you've ever read..I feel in love with the dickgirl/futanari concept in high school, and I've wanted to write exciting futa stories ever since. Nothing gives me more pleasure than crafting sexy dickgirl characters and putting them in with lusty female lovers in sexy scenarios!

I hope you enjoy reading my books as much as I enjoy writing them.


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