Thursday, December 27, 2018

Judgement Day 4 & 5 by Saline (#comics #feminization #femdom)

Continuing our theme of illustrated delights, I am delighted to have the opportunity to feature some more exciting titles (and artists) from Amazing Transformation Comics.

Saline, one of the co-founders of the site, graces us once again this morning, sharing two more chapters of her ongoing series, Judgement Day 


Judgement Day is a best-selling 7-part series that Saline has been working on since 2014. With each chapter coming in at approximately 100 pages, it is an in-depth series that has the time and space to completely deliver on its premise. Set in 2025, it explores a future where outsourcing and automation have decimated the working class, creating a wide divide between the ultra-wealthy and ultra-poor, leading to the return of indentured servitude.

Judgement Day 4 opens with a total - as Mistress Saline puts it - mindfuck on poor Josephine, convincing her she was always a woman, and completely altering her personality to that of an eager, oversexed, bimbo sexpot. It allows the story to turn the tables, forcing Lynn to step into the role of cautionary role model, trying desperately, yet tactfully, to remind Josephine of her situation. It is a powerful scene, and I loved how it plays with the reader's expectations, leading us into a to think there is an awakening coming, only to plunge deeper into submission, before finally cracking the facade and allowing Joe to emerge once again.

The irony of it all is that, in trying to protect her friend, Lynn actually strips away the conditioning that would allow him to enjoy what comes next. It sets up a few tender moments as they console one another, and have a heartfelt talk about surviving their ordeal, and that emotional connection leads Josephine into new forms of erotic exploration . . . almost. Without spoiling things, the Matron arrives just as the slumber party is getting started, giving the girls a pill to enhance their arousal, and then putting Josephine into a chastity cage to redirect her affections. Driven mad by lust, she has no choice but to reluctantly accept penetration, and that leads to the slumber party of my dreams!

With most of this chapter taking place in the bedroom, the illustrations are soft and pretty. The bedroom is so cute, with little flourishes like floral throw pillows, and the girls are absolutely stunning. The slumber party schoolgirl outfits are wonderfully rendered, complete with dangling bulges and visible garter straps, while the corsets, skirts, hose, and heels that Lynn and Josephine wear are extremely sexy. The facial expressions are perfect, capturing the lust, the confusion, the fear, and the hunger, and the bodies look perfect. Getting back to the story, the chapter ends on a dark note, exposing more of Matron and Dr. Lorenz's agenda for the men of the world, and that is truly exciting.

As Judgement Day 5 begins, Josephine is being driven mad by the combination of her inflated libido, her enforced chastity, and her jealousy of the other girls' pleasures. There is an interesting conversation between the girls that reveals Lynn genuinely cares for her roommate, and is still worried about protecting Joe from Josephine, but just as the other girls are about to pick up where they left off, the Matron appears with other plans for Josephine.

After the recreational break of the last chapter, we are back to more training, conditioning, and mind control here, and it is just as exquisite as the first three chapters. The catch for poor Josephine this time around the training is all tied to her sexual satisfaction, and she has to demonstrate that she wants it . . . needs it . . . craves it. She must learn to dress the part, to walk the walk, and talk the talk. She does so reluctantly, and only to free herself from her oversexed libido, but it conditions her to associate pleasure and release with such behavior. It begins with soft, sensual pleasures, designed to remind her of her femininity, but that very quickly gives way to bondage, sex machines, and more. There is a 15-page scene within this chapter where Saline does a wonderful job of building suspense, teasing the reader with what might be, while - quite literally - unwrapping a post-surgical Josephine to see how she has been 'improved.' It is a gorgeously rendered scene, contrasting the helpless blonde patient with her severe, military-like Matron, and the Jessica Rabbit dress is eye-popping sexy!

Visually, this may be my favorite comic of the series so far. The simple bondage chair and sex machine are fun bits of equipment, with comic book stylized sound effects accompanying Josephine's cries of pleasure, but the Stargate-like bondage wheel used to restrain her, along with the terrifying tools used to threaten her castration is . . . well, almost too much, almost too exciting. That scene alone is powerfully complex, leaving the reader afraid, anxious, and aroused, all at the same time. When Dr. Lorenz interrupts the procedure to remind Matron that they need Josephine's consent, it seems she is to be saved, but then a darker plan emerges. The way that plan walks such a fine line of consent, blending fears with fantasies, and almost (but not quite) pushing Josephine's body to its natural conclusion, is just fantastic, but the final pages, where an act of desperate defiance only makes things worse, is the best cliffhanger of the series yet.

Take a walk on the wild side with Saline’s brand of feminizations!  Mistresses and masters abound in her stories putting the “ladies” through their respective passes, using any and all methods at their disposal, from extreme science to more conventional methods.

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