Tuesday, December 4, 2018

Karma’s Bitch by J.B. Rogers (#erotica #genderswap #paranomal)

Karma’s Bitch as you might guess from the title is a powerful work of erotic horror. More than just A Tale of Transformative Justice, it marks the culmination of a lifetime of objectification and abuse, which come back to haunt a man who picked the wrong girl to take advantage of at the bar.

This is a dark story, with some troubling themes that could potentially rub readers the wrong way. Bart is not a very nice guy, and no matter how he tries to rationalize his actions, he is guilty of some horrible things. Exploring such a past within the confines of an erotic fantasy makes for an even more complicated read - especially with the inclusion of an incestuous hallucination - but it is a testament to the narrative talents of J.B. Rogers that it all works, and works so well.

The first half of the story is an icky sort of erotic encounter, with Cora just responsive enough, and just provocative enough, that we can pretend it is all happily consensual (even if Bart does not share our awareness). The fact that she is so worried about him offering to leave adds another layer of intrigue. Of course, the truth is far darker than that, and the morning after is where the story really kicks into gear. At the risk of spoilers, there is a gender swap involved, but the how and the why of it are where Rogers really lets loose. This is dark, but also darkly imaginative, and the dialogue in the final pages is almost as good as the sex.

A Tale of Transformative Justice defines this so well, and gives you an idea of what to expect, but Karma’s Bitch should leave no doubt as to how Bart's story will end . . .

J.B. Rogers writes erotic fiction with believable characters, solid grammar, proper editing, hot sex, and no billionaires. If they are going to ask people to pay for a story, they are going to make sure it's worth reading. Most of their work is kinky, queer, and as true-to-life as they can make it. A major theme is gender and its expression, which includes everything from crossdressing and transgender characters to magical transformations and cross-gender roleplay.

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