Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Stuffed by Chicks: Futa Erotica by Harper Rindell (erotica futa femdom mpreg)

Like Alice Layne, who I reviewed earlier this week, Harper Rindell is a name I have been encountering more and more lately on Amazon, so I figured it was finally time I took advantage of all those Freebie Friday reads and explored his world.

Since it seems to make the most sense to start at the beginning, I am diving right in with Stuffed by Chicks Vol.1: A Massive Collection of Futa Erotica.

Now, one of the pitfalls of starting from the beginning is that you often get an author at their most raw, but reading a collection like this also means you get to see them hone their craft. Some of the writing in the first few stories was very rough, with grammar and punctuation errors on every page, but those flaws faded with each subsequent story. Similarly, I stumbled a bit over awkward movements and point-of-view transitions in the first stories, wondering how a character got from here to there, or how they managed to do or see something from such a position, but that aspect improved as well.

Of course, nobody reads self-published erotica for technical brilliance - we are looking for creativity, innovation, and experimentation. We want to see fetishes explored that excite us, and there Harper Rindell quite literally knocked my socks off. There are several themes that run through these stories - female domination, futa-on-male, group sex, bondage, begging, and mpreg - and I was absolutely delighted to see them explored together. I will leave it to you to fully explore (and appreciate) the stories here, but allow me to say a few words about each . . .

Futa Wardens Pleasure Prisoner in Dystopia really set the stage, introducing the various fetishes, but there was a small scene that really excited me, with Gavin and Eddie being bound together, their members rubbing one another, getting so excited by their futa captors that they accidentally kiss.

Boyfriend Bound and Futa’d was a really fun story of a boyfriend being confined in something of a gloryhole box to be used by his futa girlfriend and her futa friends. I loved the helplessness of it, and the way he had to beg not just for his own release, but for theirs.

Three Futas Stuff Floyd ends in a similar place as the boyfriend story, with blindfolds and bondage, but starts with a pair of strangers discovering one another on a hotel bed. What I loved here was Floyd's initial reaction - surprised, but not at all bothered, and eager to please.

Hot Futa Succubi Michael impressed me with not just its erotic ingenuity, but with its intelligent exploration of one man's sexual frustration and how it leads to a dreamy, subconscious encounter with a pair of futa succubi.

Futa African Tribe Pleasures Mercenary is, as the title suggests, the story of a group of men who trespass on sacred territory and become the captives of a futa tribe. Aside from the voyeuristic aspect, I think what excited me most about this one was the way a jungle salve was used to control the men, both physically and emotionally, making them crave captivity.

Daring To Futa was a sweet and sexy tale of a game of truth or dare that very quickly gets out of hand. Again, like the Floyd story, I loved the fact that the boyfriend experiences no shock, no disgust, no hesitation, just eagerly gives himself to the game and their shared desires.

Hot Futa Doctor Visit is the story of a very personal experiment involving a young male patient, his futa doctor, and a special little pill. While the story does not really offer anything new compared to the others, I did like the focus on inducing male pregnancy, rather than it being a surprise result.

Criminal Punished by Futa Village had some fun touches to it, starting with a thief forced into stocks in the center of the village, leading to some exquisite tease-and-denial punishment, and resulting in a free-for-all plastering with futa seed. Whew. This one was hot.

Knight Magically Futa’d by Wild Witch was the story where I felt like Rindell really discovered his storytelling chops, setting the scene, describing the characters, capturing their dialogue, and exploring knightly protests and strained reluctance for the first time. As much as I loved the insta-lust of the other stories, this felt more real, more plausible, and that made the climax so much more erotic.

Employee gets Drilled by Lindsey is a bit of a confusing title, since it is actually the story of a teacher and her student (and another futa friend), but it was still a fun story of seduction and domination that switches things up a bit, making the futa verbally commanding (which was hot!), rather than having the man forced to beg.

All-in-all, a great introduction to an author I look forward to reading more of. I already have Vol.2, Vol.3, and Vol.4 loaded up, but I really want to pick up one of his multi-part stories, like The Futa Experiment or The Futa Seeding Program, to see how he handles a longer, more plot-driven story.

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