Monday, December 17, 2018

The Greatest Liar: Trans Erotica With A Purpose by Alexandra Rios (transgender erotica)

The Greatest Liar: Trans Erotica with a Purpose”, by Alexandra Rios is simply an amazing novel that reads like a memoir.

Interspersed with tons of incredibly detailed eroticism, this coming of age tale depicts the transformation of a gender challenged, male-born youth spinning and often careening her way into young adulthood as a female. 

The author demonstrates a wonderful writing talent, unfolding her eloquent story in a masterful manner, incorporating an in-depth knowledge of the gender transition process and the inherent speed bumps that those on this journey often need to negotiate.

In addition, author Rios weaves in a deep knowledge and understanding of our legal system, sex work, sexual assault, terrorism, illegal drugs, big business, scientific research, relationships, and a whole lot more. 

If this sound like quite a lot, it is, but the author allows it all to unfold in this long and wonderful book. This reviewer found it to be a very entertaining and riveting read.

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