Monday, January 28, 2019

Dickgirls Around Town: First Time for Everything by A. Vivian Vane (dickgirl erotica)

Have you ever read one of those books that leaves you feeling like you need a shower? A work of erotica so dirty and so depraved that you feel increasingly guilty about each turn of the page? If so, then you know what I am talking about, and you are ready to enjoy the latest from A. Vivian Vane. If not, then grab a toy, a box of tissues, and a glass of wine, because I am about to introduce you to First Time for Everything, the latest Dickgirls Around Town story.

Like the dickgirls of the title, this is a story that hits you hard and drives deep inside you - again and again and again. It is a full-fledged erotic novella, with a well-developed background, real character building, and an evolution of the overall depravity. Amber is a mature woman, an adopted mother who lives comfortably in a small trailer park. It is an interesting setting, because it suggests a dirty sort of trailer trash theme, but Vane plays against that, establishing Amber as a responsible woman, and dispelling the dirtiest stereotypes about such places.

At least, as first.

The story opens with introductions, before introducing the dickgirl twist, and then explores a wonderful bit of two-on-one seduction that is better written and more erotic than some entire stories. There is so much detail, and so much dirty talk, that the sexuality just drips off the page. Over the course of the story (which is broken up into three erotic encounters), Amber rapidly descends from respectable stepmom to utterly depraved, trashy MILF slut. Staying true to the futanari genre, the dickgirls are incredibly well endowed, incredibly horny, and completely insatiable. While they can have their fill of any girl at school, and do take advantage of dozens per day, what they really crave is an older woman that they can stretch, ruin, and breed without remorse.

As intensely erotic as the first chapter is, the story just keeps getting bigger and better, with more dickgirls joining in. Seduction gives way to teasing, which gives way to trash talk, which soon descends into degradation, before finally giving way to utter humiliation. Vane does not just walk the edge between arousal and offense, she dances along the razor's edge, pushing Amber (and the reader) to the limits of tolerance. Just when you think the story has hit its limits, along comes another erotic breakthrough, one that keeps our arousal at its peak, making us crave more. The final scenes are mind-blowing in their erotic depravity, and the epilogue teases even more. The very definition of NSFW, this is for hardcore erotica fans only . . . but they will lap it up and beg for more!

About A. Vivian Vane: A. Vivian Vane has been publishing erotic fiction on Amazon since February 2013. All works are intended for adults only!


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