Wednesday, January 2, 2019

Forced Feminization Bundle 1 by Lady Alexa (sissification, humiliation, feminization, femdom)

I love bundles, collections, and anthologies. I love being able to truly indulge in an author's work and binge on story after story, without interruption. And when an author uses that opportunity to refine, polish, and expand upon their original work, I am even more excited . . . and that is precisely the case with the first Forced Feminization Bundle from Lady Alexa.

Here, Lady Alexa collects 7 of her previously published short stories and novellas, including some that even regular readers might have missed, having been written for online publications. In the process, she has updated them all, sometimes just to polish the prose, sometimes to expand upon the material, and sometimes to offer a little closure that was missing from the original versions.

A Sister-in-Law’s Law is an updated version of Lady Alexa's debut story, and it serves as a wonderful introduction, demonstrating much of what she does best in the genre. It describes the slow, careful, inevitable feminization of a young man by his wife's sister, turning him into the perfect maid. There is plenty of verbal coaching here, exquisite crossdressing, and some physical punishment, but it is the emotional journey that holds it all together.

Email Domination was a new read for me, and an immediate favorite. On the surface, it is a simple story of a man who has been caught cheating on his wife, but the real thrill here is the way Lady Alexa teases the author of the email, and explores Kimmie's paranoia - along with his fantasies - about being caught.

The New Assistant is what I would call a fantasy with an edge, the story of a young man offered the chance of a lifetime - a new job, a new home, and the chance to work for a beautiful, powerful woman. She did warn him that her instructions could be considered strange and unusual, but nothing could have prepared him for his descent into life as a sissified assistant. This one is a true gem for readers who enjoy detailed feminization.

An Unusual Proposition was a truly delightful story, and well-deserving of being one of Lady Alexa's most successful novels. Desperate for work, Stephen accepts a new job at a marketing agency with a niche focus on women’s products - one that comes with a contractual stipulation that he only use and wear the products the company markets. It starts simply enough, with unisex trousers and blouses, but it is not long before he is humiliated into painted nails, lipstick, skirts, and heels. It is a fun story, with a logical explanation for each new change, but it his wife's nonchalant acceptance that I think really topped it off.

Feminization is Compulsory was another new read for me, and one that I would desperately love to see explored at greater length. It starts out as a pulp adventure, the story of two explorers who come upon an undiscovered tribe in the rainforests of Brazil, before becoming a powerfully erotic exploration of female supremacy. The tribe in question consists solely of women, divided into two classes - the ruling Fenda and the subservient Tubo - and they cannot allow Edward or Eva to leave and betray their isolation. There is so much I want to say about this one, so many incredible details that I loved, but I will restrain myself and simply say Lady Alexa does gender transformation just as well as she does forced feminization.

Memoirs of a Sissy Maid is a brand new-story, never before published, that captures the true story of a sissy friend of Lady Alexa. It is a unique addition to the collection, in that Marky always knew they were a sissy, and was already experimenting with crossdressing before Robyn came into their life. Less a story of forced feminization and more one of encouraged feminization, it is . . . well, a fantasy come true, one that has its moments of embarrassment and awkwardness, but which avoids any sort of cruelty or humiliation.

Office Domination closes out the collection with an updated story from Lady Alexa's website, another story of a hapless employee given no choice but to accept changes at work. What I liked about this one is that is heavy on the dominance and submission aspect, with Adam uncomfortably aroused by being scolded, spanked, and commanded. Not so much a story of humiliation, it is more one of emasculation . . . and of discovering pleasure in being freed of the darker emotions and behaviors of masculinity.

Coming in at nearly 400 pages, Forced Feminization Bundle 1 is a treat for new readers and long-term admirers of Lady Alexa, and there is a Forced Feminization Bundle 2 that was just released with 7 more literary lessons in feminization and submission.

Alexa Martinez is an author and a blog writer from London England writing under her femdom scene name of Lady Alexa. She is an advocate of female domination and writes about femdom, forced feminisation, gender transformation and male humiliation. Her blog is a true-life account of living in a female led relationship with her submissive feminised husband.

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