Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Friends to Lovers by Aimée Maroux and Sorcha Rowan (lesbian erotica)

What happens when two erotica writers who have serious chemistry meet in person for the first time? The answer is equal parts magic, delight, joy, and oh-so-sweet sweaty arousal. Whether you already know Aimée Maroux and Sorcha Rowan, have only read their work, or are completely new to their world, Friends to Lovers is a wonderful read.

Part of the allure here is wrapped up in the fantasy of it all, the dream of meeting a friend for the first time and having everything click. I can think of a half dozen friends within the erotica community with whom I would love to spend a weekend!

As you would expect of a real-life encounter, there is nervous anxiety here, including questions as to how that first meeting will go, but it is clear from their first shared smile in the airport that Sorcha and Aimée's First Time is destined to happen. Their dialogue on the drive to their hotel is wonderful, a genuine conversation between friends, and the slow dance of seduction that continues into their room is beautiful.

Erotically, this is an intense read, full of passionate love and some kinky exploration. Aimée in particular gets to discover new facets of her sexuality, exploring experiences of which she has only fantasized before, with Sorcha there to act as her uninhibited guide. I found myself completely immersed in their story, as if I were sitting in a darkened corner of the room, watching their lovemaking unfold.

Friends to Lovers is a meeting of minds, souls and bodies, the consummation of an intimate friendship with the dangling promise of more (and a super-sexy epilogue to feed your own fantasies).

About Aimée Maroux: Aimée primarily writes erotic retellings of Greek myths and fantasy based on Greek mythology, but likes to experiment with other genres, too. Her favourite Greek myth is the Odyssee where the titular hero, Odysseus, has to overcome a plentitude of challenges on his way home from the Trojan War.


About Sorcha Rowan: A private person who's happiest in the mountains, Sorcha enjoys telling stories about finding new love in strange and wonderful places.


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