Monday, January 21, 2019

Nefarious by Nature by Douglas Warren (erotica thriller BDSM)

Nefarious by Nature is a quirky small-town thriller, a story comprised of equal parts David Lynch and Marquis de Sade. It is a peculiar read, one that keeps you guessing, and which largely defies convention. Just when you think it is headed in one direction, Douglas Warren abruptly shifts genres, further twisting the threads he has so carefully entangled.

The book opens on an ominous note, with talk of kidnapping, serious threats, shameless debauchery, and police questioning about inappropriate behavior. From there the story rewinds a year, to Elizabeth and Peter's fateful decision to take in a lodger - an older gentleman by the name of William, who is destined to not only change their lives (with the help of a lonely librarian), but the very town in which they live.

A big part of what makes Nefarious by Nature so intriguing and so unexpected is the way Warren casts such a wide net over the teachings of de Sade. Rather than focus solely on the BDSM aspects of his philosophy, he touches more on the nature of power and authority, the nature of hedonism, and the appeal of sexual abandon. It is a story of swinging, and the sensuality of it is dangerously attractive.

The twists of the final 50-60 pages are a bit extreme, taking the story into even more unexpected directions but, in hindsight, they are entirely plausible. The characters here have well-defined motivations, and when you remember that Warren is writing of the erotic infection of a small town, it all makes sense. For those readers who may be concerned about the erotic aspects, Warren keeps the explicit detail to a minimum, and places a cautionary note around those scenes. Skipping them, however, would rob the mystery of its power, for the twists only work once you understand the catalysts behind them.

About Douglas Warren: Douglas Warren is a former New Yorker from the Hell's Kitchen neighbourhood near Times Square in Manhattan. In 2013 he moved to Paris and has been living in Paris and traveling in Europe ever since. His first novel, 'Montmartre Stairs: A Paris Love Story' was written during a 3 month stay on Cape Clear Island in the south of Ireland. His latest novel 'Different Worlds' is a 'recovery' novel about twins who struggle with their addictions. As a former drug and alcohol counsellor the author speaks of addictions and recovery from the point of view of experience.

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