Thursday, January 17, 2019

Rock Chick: Feminized by the Band by Pamela Harlow (femdom feminization)

Although I enjoyed Tying the Knot, it left me with a few unanswered questions, and I came away from it feeling as if it could have been a bit longer/deeper. It was an exciting debut, though, and left me anxious to see what Pamela Harlow would do next.

The answer is Rock Chick: Feminized by the Band, an entirely satisfying story of an opportunistic punishment that involves some delightfully forced feminization.

Foxfire is an up-and-coming all-girl band that has had its share of drama and internal squabbles, leaving it short of a bassist. All of that changes when Chelsea, the band's keyboardist, catches a young man trying to steal an expensive guitar. He is cute, short, and slender . . . can play the bass, even tied up and under pressure . . . and is anxious not to involve the police. In fact, he would make a great addition to the band, and he is excited about the chance to play, there is just the unfortunate matter of being a boy.

Nothing that cannot be fixed!

The scenes of feminization here are very well done. I loved how confident and take-charge the girls in the band were, never once questioning what they were doing. They are not cruel - there is no deliberate humiliation here - but they are determined. Harlow gives them ample motivation to follow through on their plan, and also gives the young man enough motivation to explain his reluctant compliance. There is plenty of detail for crossdressing and feminization enthusiasts to enjoy, and enough story for readers to appreciate.

Without spoiling the story, there is a crucial moment in the second half of the story where I felt Harlow absolutely nailed the blending of fantasy and reality, confronting stage fright and second thoughts in a way that I felt put this over the top. I cannot play an instrument to save my life (outside of RockBand that is), and would never steal a guitar, but I still found it very easy to imagine myself in the story.

About Pamela Harlow: I'm a Birmingham (UK) girl in my late 20s with a love of music, books and BDSM. Several years ago, I met a few boys who were into kink and had a fun time dominating them in the bedroom. Following on from that, I started to attend fetish events. At these events, I love how I can explore my own dominant side whilst also helping others to find out more about how feminine they can be.

As well as reading and writing, I have a huge passion for music and play several instruments. My main instrument's the guitar, and I play a Fender Stratocaster. 

I'm quite a quiet girl: I'd rather be reading and writing in a quiet place than partying with a big group. However, I do love a fun time when I'm comfortable with my surroundings (like in a familiar kink club) and I'm confident when I'm playing music.

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