Thursday, January 31, 2019

The Chamber by SturkWurk (comics feminization lesbian bdsm)

I am delighted to introduce a new name to our weekly showcase of illustrated delights, SturkWurk, who is best known for his work at TGComics.

The Chamber is the latest premium book from SturkWurk, bundling up 926 single-panel pages of erotic, gender-bending storytelling. It is an absolutely gorgeous book, as you might expect, and a deep enough story to keep you reading to the very end . . . no matter how cramped your hands might be.

The story opens with a bald, nearly naked man waking inside a small, sterile room with no doors or windows. A woman on a video screen informs him he has been arrested for "attempting to subvert our culture" and sentenced to 30 years hard labor . . . but his "special traits" have earned him a place in their 1-year rehabilitation program.

His situation immediately gets interesting when his first meal includes a dildo-shaped flask from which he must suck a highly intoxicating protein/wine mixture. It gets even more interesting when his virtual jailer informs him he will be allowed to have sex with the other inmates, all of whom have been modified so that their bodies will not transfer or accept anything unpleasant. Where it begins to get a bit creepy is when she explains that his very medical-looking bed is designed to help him sleep as they adjust him, fix him, and prepare him for a long and fertile life.

Jerry's scenes of transformation and conditioning are interspersed with dreams of his past life, dreams that not only reveal his true purpose in coming to the island, but precisely how he got caught, and why he was selected for conditioning. They also reveal his most secret desire, that his attraction to his boss goes far beyond wanting to be with her, and wanting to be just like her.

The changes begin very gradually, at first, with small breast enlargement, nail growth, and a slight softening of facial features. The way SturkWurk illustrates it, you cannot help but page backward and forward to watch the changes. Soon, he's regrowing hair on his head, sporting even larger breasts, wearing makeup, and talking like a pretty, sex-starved, cum-hungry slut. As Jerry changes to Jeri, his surroundings change as well, with a gorgeous, warm pink room replacing his sterile grey room. As his transformation enters the next stage, there is a pivotal scene with a fantastic overhead POV that really shows what SturkWurk can do with body shapes and sexual positions.

Now, total confession time here, I loved the fact that cum was used to enable the transformations, with Jerry growing hungrier for it and the femininity it delivers. He just cannot get enough, whether it means drinking it or wearing it. The BDSM themed games with Jeri's roommate are delightful and gorgeous, and I loved how the story went beyond just fetishistic feminization and into a very kinky romance that really brings the story to life. Without saying too much, the story also takes us beyond the prison, with the last 200 pages exploring Jeri's new life and new career, while providing closure to her overall story.

A sexy, kinky, erotic story that is just full of sexy visuals, The Chamber is a treat for the eyes and the imagination. There are so many textures, from soft cottons and slippery silk to tight latex and shiny chrome; so many wonderful facial features, cosmetics, and costumes; and increasingly vibrant, colorful, and complex backgrounds as the story progresses. The 2 chapters available for preview should be more than enough to trigger your own hunger, but it is the last 6 that will blow your mind.

That blue latex slave outfit, the wedding butt plugs, the slave collar, the machine . . . oh my!

Douglas Sturk (SturkWurk) is a writer and illustrator. He creates web comics for and, and can be hired for commission work.

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