Monday, February 18, 2019

Dancing With Calamity by Sorcha Rowan (lesbian erotica)

One of the things I admire most about Sorcha Rowan is that she never quite tells the story you expect. Oh, the canvas is familiar, but the brush strokes and colors are entirely her own.

In different hands, Dancing With Calamity would have been a perfectly sexy tale of lesbian discovery in the Old West, but Rowan makes if it something entirely unique. A big part of that is Calamity Jane herself, a hard-drinking gunslinger with a mechanical arm. She is neither your typical hard-boiled heroine nor your sweet damsel in distress. Instead, she is a career woman with issues, haunted by more than just the loss of her arm.

Yamini, the exotic dancer she is sent to track down, has issues of her own. Without saying too much, she has experienced her own loss, but she has matured beyond it . . . owning it . . . taking that pain and transforming it through her art. She is a vision of athletic desire, spinning on stage, tossing veils into the audience, and twirling twin blades with a talent Cal can barely fathom. There is an immediate connection between the two women, and it blossoms into something more on their journey.

Erotically, Rowan weaves her storytelling magic through lesbian discovery, and it is wonderful, but it is the character building that shines like polished pistols amidst the desert sands. I loved the interaction between Cal and Yamini, and their shared ending is perfect.

A private person who's happiest in the mountains, Sorcha enjoys telling stories about finding new love in strange and wonderful places.

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