Monday, February 25, 2019

Dickgirls Around Town: Fitting In by A. Vivian Vane (dickgirl lesbian erotica)

There is a new girl in the town of Mortonville, a new arrival to Shady Homes trailer park, and she just got royally bukkaked by the dickgirl welcoming committee.

I loved the way A. Vivian Vane opened Fitting In, the newest Dickgirls Around Town story. Grace Kedzie is the trailer park's maintenance and cleaning staff, and part of her job involves cleaning up after the girls' sexual excesses. Her tender care of young Annalee is delightful - consoling her and comforting her - and the way it slowly gives way to sapphic seduction is just delicious.

As cute and innocent as the young woman may be, it is her mature, experienced, dickgirl-loving MILF caretaker who is the main attraction here. Sherry Swanson, dickgirl owner of Shady Homes, wants to make sure Annalee knows what she is in for as a resident of the park, so she has her watch as Grace pulls a very long, very messy dickgirl train.

OMG, this is wall-to-wall NSFW dickgirl erotica, full of as much dirty talk as dirty sex. We are talking well-stretched, well-gaped, overflowing excess. It is almost more than even Grace can handle, but the sight, the smell, and the taste of dickgirl cream soon has Annalee so sex-drunk that she ends up on her knees, begging for her chance to get used. The age factor, with recently-graduated teenage dickgirls having their way with a sexy MILF is delightful enough on its own, but the attitude, the swagger, and the verbal humiliation puts this way over the top.

Perhaps the most exciting part of the story for me, however, is the mention of James, the peeping tom son of Grace, which has me anxious to dive deep and make Trailer Park Tag Team my next read.

About A. Vivian Vane: A. Vivian Vane has been publishing erotic fiction on Amazon since February 2013. All works are intended for adults only!


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