Tuesday, February 12, 2019

French Kiss: Issue 1: The Nerd by Jessie Ash (genderbender superheroine)

I have had the great pleasure of knowing Jessie Ash for about four-and-a-half years now, my introduction coming through her serialized gender bending superhero story, For The Last Time, My Name Is Purple Princess.

She has recently revisited the gender bending superhero theme with French Kiss, another serialized story, which opens with The Nerd. Written very much in a comic book style, this is a quick read that flashes from scene to scene. It feels very much like there should be visuals to accompany it, which is not a criticism but a compliment to how well she captures the comic book feel.

As for the story, this first issue is only an introduction, but there are still some interesting details. The gay nerd crushing on the straight jock is cute, and their relationship drives the human part of the story. It is also an origin story, which means we get to see how and why Alex becomes a gender-swapped superheroine. Hint, kisses are involved.

French Kiss is a fun introduction, and with sixth issue having just been released, there is plenty more to enjoy.

Jessie Ash is an avid fan of scifi romance/gender transformation fiction. Her passion is taking ordinary characters and thrusting them into a world of steamy seduction as well as chatting it up with her readers. She's also a sick and twisted soul—just saying.


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