Monday, February 11, 2019

The Demon and the Damsel by A. Vivian Vane (futa shemale erotica)

There are not too many authors who can pull off 80 pages of pure sexual abandon, and even fewer who can do so with just an introduction, a massive two-part extended sex scene, and an equally brief conclusion. A. Vivian Vane not only does just that with The Demon and the Damsel, but she does so with erotic flair!

Lys is a futanari lust demon, a hyper-sexualized creature known as a meridi. She is as dominant as she is seductive, and as insatiable as she is relentless. She is an incredible creature, and fantasies about submitting to her power will linger in my imagination for days (and nights), but she was not the main attraction for me. No, it was Miriam, the meek, mousy, plain little virgin who first engaged my sympathies and then enthralled my senses.

The mixture of overwhelming sexual power and virginal self-discovery is absolutely glorious. Having never so much as touched herself, Miriam is given a crash course in erotic submission that mixes cute with carnal. With a little demon magic to speed her sexual learning curve, she goes from tentative virgin to wanton breeding whore in the space of an afternoon.

Along with the careful characterization and the dirty dialogue, Vane has a flair for detail that you can smell . . . taste . . . and feel. There is one scene that sticks in my mind, following Miriam's first oral penetration, where the detail invested in the aftermath is a story in and of itself. If you are not a fan by the time her throat clears, then you might as well declare yourself celibate and join a convent - either that, or call upon the aid of certain lust demon.

About A. Vivian Vane: A. Vivian Vane has been publishing erotic fiction on Amazon since February 2013. All works are intended for adults only!


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