Wednesday, February 6, 2019

Turned into a Female Sex Doll by Rebecca Sterne (feminization latex bisexual)

I really like the kind of stories Rebecca Sterne tells, and I love the way she tells them. They are kinky and fetishistic tales where she pushes her characters and puts them in uncomfortable situations. Forcing them beyond their comfort zones is not about punishment or humiliation, however, it is about the pursuit of pleasure.

Turned into a Female Sex Doll is her latest story, and it is just a joy to read, blending so many of my favorite fetishes with wonderful characters and explicit erotica.

Let me start with Josh. He is a shy young man, insecure around girls, whose lack of confidence masks natural submissive tendencies. When a beautiful woman befriends him, this sweet little cutie is so overwhelmed by her attention that he fumbles his way through whatever she commands. As for Rachel, I loved how she led him into submission, not really forcing him but using the suggestion of sex, the tease of pleasure, and the promise of reward.

The feminization of Josh is, quite honestly, the most exquisite thing I have encountered in a very long time. Again, Rebecca plays with so many of my favorite fetishes - corsets, latex, bodysuits, ring gags, extreme heels - and she does it so sensually, you cannot help but envy his position. I loved the feeling of confinement, and the helplessness of the ring gag - you cannot feel anything other than ready to be used! As for the party, that is an orgy of over-the-top sexual submission, bondage, and restraint, introducing a helpless sissy sex doll to mutual pleasures they had never before imagined, and leaving them forever changed by the experience.

Best of all, Turned into a Female Sex Doll does not simply end with sexual release, it takes us back to Rachel's apartment for a little aftercare (too often neglected in these stories) and a discussion about the night's consequences that is almost as titillating as the story itself.

Rebecca Sterne is a bestselling author of erotic fiction. Her books regularly occupy the Top 100 Transgender Erotica list on Amazon with most of her books having become number one bestsellers. She lives in the UK and is passionate about being an author. Now a full time writer she enjoys nothing more than exploring the world of transgender fiction and erotica, bringing her own unique brand to both the Transgender and ABDL worlds. 


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