Tuesday, March 5, 2019

Becoming the Family Girl by Rebecca Sterne (feminization bisexual femdom)

"It's cute" are not the words a college-aged virgin wants to hear the first time his girlfriend sees him naked, but neither her suggestion that his manhood is "almost girly in a way" nor her brother coming home early to knock on her bedroom door is enough to distract him from the promise of sex.

Unfortunately for Jordan, Holly delayed discovery by claiming she was trying on clothes with a friend, meaning there is only one way he is getting out of the house safely - and what starts with shaving his body clean ends with makeup, a new hairstyle, panties, a stuffed bra, and a pink dress that matches his lipstick.

When they emerge from her room to find her parents have returned home early as well, Jordan finds himself invited out to dinner with the family, an embarrassing situation that leads to him Becoming the Family Girl.

That is a long intro, I know, but you really must appreciate how Rebecca Sterne sets it all up. She traps poor Jordan, then places one obstacle after another in front of him, preventing an easy escape. The way gentle, almost innocent humiliation gives way to forced feminization is lovely, and the little nagging doubts about how, just maybe, he might like it, helps to explain why Jordan allows himself to be pushed so far. The long tease of unimaginable consequences is even better, with the men of the family noticing the new girl, and mom's suggestion of a sleepover leads to thrills Jordan could have never imagined.

I do not want to spoil too much of the fun, but the way Rebecca structures the second half of the story is beautiful, with reluctant submission being mirrored (or echoed) by eager affection. Holly is clearly aroused by the situation, and she is only too eager to make use of her new girlfriend, intensifying the verbal humiliation and watching as it arouses him in turn. Even her mom seems to have an eye for the new girl, and . . . well, let us just say that bit of discovery, leading to equal parts punishment and pleasure, humiliation and encouragement, was by far my favorite part of the story. What can I say, dominant older women with a fetish for cute femboys will always get my pulse racing!

Part of what I loved most about the story was how suggestive it is, and how naturally it progresses from one complication to another. There is no grand scheme, no hidden plans, and no underlying cruelty. It is like an X-rated version of a raunchy comedy of errors, where one bad choice leads to another, and where innocent phrases and words suggest that Jordan may just be doing what comes naturally, even if he is not consciously aware of it.

Becoming the Family Girl does end on something of a cliffhanger, with one member of the family unaccounted for, and with one last twist promising a few long days to come, but whether this is a first chapter or a full story with a tease, it is entirely delightful. A sweet tale of forced feminization and sexual submission that will leave you smiling.

Rebecca Sterne is a bestselling author of erotic fiction. Her books regularly occupy the Top 100 Transgender Erotica list on Amazon with most of her books having become number one bestsellers. She lives in the UK and is passionate about being an author. Now a full time writer she enjoys nothing more than exploring the world of transgender fiction and erotica, bringing her own unique brand to both the Transgender and ABDL worlds. 


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