Thursday, March 21, 2019

Chloe's Bites: The Full Collection by Chloe Lorell (GTS femdom lesbian erotica)

Welcome to the latest installment of the Fourplay Fetish Feature, which sees us dedicate 4 days to showcasing an author, a topic, or a fetish that has excited me. This time out we are indulging in the erotic world of giantesses and shrunken men/women.

We had a chance to chat with Chloe this morning, and now I am delighted to introduce you to some of her stories.

Chloe's Bites: The Full Collection is an intense story of insatiable lust, dark witchcraft, magical revenge, and erotic adventure . . . with a bit of a gender twist. Chloe Lorel reverses roles from what you might expect, giving a highly sexed young woman all the desire and all the power, and putting a young male virgin at her mercy.

It all starts when Clara catches her boyfriend cheating on her, and decides to seek out a witch doctor to help her enact revenge on the male gender - a potion that shrinks victims down to action figure size. Within her first few hours Clara abuses one young man and eats several others, discovering that the power she wields over tiny people is intoxicating.

If that sounds crazy, we are just beginning. We have a young man stuffed into bras and tucked into panties, savored like a lollipop, used as a human sex toy, pickled in female sex juices, and crushed between butt cheeks. It is literally a size fetishists wet dream. We also have three young women discovering the thrills of lesbian sex, the excitement of sexual witchcraft, and the dangers of betrayal.

There is a fantastic thread of mystery and intrigue to the story as we discover how Clara, Christina, Mindy, and Dan are all connected, and why Dan reacts as he does to each of them. It takes a while for the whole picture to come clear, and the story just gets darker, kinkier, and more extreme as it goes. In the meantime, we get to know each woman well, and through Dan we get to experience the vicarious fears and fantasies of life as a pet, a sex toy, a piece of property, and a prisoner.

About Chloe Lorell : Sweet, almost shy, on the outside, I am able to hide my true nature from near anybody. I'll flutter my eyelashes, blush prettily, and lure my prey into my clutches. Behind my adopted persona, I am a cruel, sadistic, and deviant woman. By day, I work in a university teaching anthropology, mythology, and ancient religion. I am an expert, too, of cryptology, and can decipher and translate many, many dead languages at will. Frankly though, I'd rather be writing fetish, or better yet, "playing.".


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