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Fourplay Fetish Feature: An Interview with GP Ellison (GTS femdom erotica)

Welcome to the latest installment of the Fourplay Fetish Feature, which sees us dedicate 4 days to showcasing an author, a topic, or a fetish that has excited me. This time out we are indulging in the erotic world of giantesses and shrunken men/women.

Keeping things going while I am on vacation, I am delighted to introduce you to GP Ellison, who has graciously agreed to stop by for a chat.

♥ Thank you so much for taking the time to join us - we are so very delighted to have you! For those readers who have yet to encounter your work, can you give us a brief introduction?

First, thank you for doing this feature.  It has felt like forever since I shared things online dealing with my interest in size changing etc.  That might be due to being lazy or the fact that I’m in Grad School.

The bulk of my writing deals with either giant women or shrunken men (and women).  While I certainly started on sites like Giantess City (GC) and Giantess World doing some writing, it was really a matter of beginning to believe in myself as a writer from all the great feedback from those sites that led to me writing a bit more publicly (i.e.-on Amazon).

I have written two serialized stories, a couple that were originally fan requests, and a compilation book of some of my earlier writings (that I updated for publication).

I have also done collage work of giantess and shrunken men (I’m on Deviant Art and Instagram as GP10Eillison).

♥ How did you first get exposed to the macro/micro world? Were there old memories of sci-fi movies or cartoons that you fetishized, or was your introduction more direct?

Like most of the guys that have taken to this fetish, Attack of the 50 Foot Woman, was the main catalyst.  I know I saw a few episodes of Land of the Giants and films like The Incredible Shrinking Man and they sparked something within me.

My earliest memory of fetishizing it was in 6th grade when I imagined living in a classmate’s panties while they wore them.  It wasn’t very sophisticated and made little sense physically since there was no knowledge of what that would really be like.  There was a table and a chair in there and no reference to genitalia at all.  But the idea made me very happy.

In 2009, I found GC and realized that not only was I not alone in my fetish for giant women, but that there were A LOT of us.  This past year I went to Size Con in NYC and met a bunch of them.  Just like finding GC, it was very freeing. I even got a 3D figurine of myself and my wife at Gulliver’s Gate in Time Square. PS-she is totally onboard with my fetish and my writing.

♥ For some readers, the appeal seems to be in the size contrast itself. For others, it is in the power exchange. Some look to the genre for arousal, some for horror, and others for both. What is the primary appeal for you, as an author?

As an author my main goal with it is to try and give the reader something unexpected or to match their fantasy close enough that they feel it was really written for them.

I feel like all the areas you bring up are within my wheelhouse.  I’ve used horror elements in the scenes of crushing, vore, etc.

Power exchange has certainly been a major part of what I’ve written.  It is almost always the woman that gains the power (or the man loses his).  That is my long hidden submissive side coming out and the fact that, as someone that studies literature academically and sees the patriarchy, I think women haven’t really realized their true power and strength. Nothing brings me greater joy than having a woman respond to my writing or collages positively.

♥ Since we're talking the imaginative side of erotica, is there a personal fetish or a fantasy that you have yet to explore? Somewhere, maybe, you fear to go in your stories?

I have toyed with several things in writing that have yet to come into my published works.  Trans folks, shemales, futa, non-size Femdom, realistic torture stuff (BDSM stuff), and many other things.  One thing that is very important to me is that even if it is outrageously fantasy styled that there is an authenticity in what happens.  In my giantess and shrunken man works, it feels like I have a firm grasp on how that would look or feel but with the other none of it has felt “real.”

♥ With reviews so crucial to generating exposure, what are some of the weirdest or most wonderful reactions you’ve had from readers?

I felt like I got a lot of responses during my days on Giantess City.  Mostly for the collage work, but those that commented on my writing seemed to always want more.  I took that as a good thing, and it is one of the reasons I branched out into eBooks via Amazon.  I wasn’t trying to get rich, just trying to be a bit more public with the fetish and maybe connect with others that hadn’t found GC.

That first story on Amazon got one review almost immediately that was very positive and so I kept at it.  I even kind of gave a shout out to my first two reviewers by using their first names in the next book as characters the female lead “interacted with.”  I have learned that in a more public forum that few people seem to leave reviews, which is understandable since people don’t want their fetish visible to the rest of the world.  I’m not sure that people know they can leave anonymous reviews on Amazon.

♥ Is there an author within the genre who inspires you? A mentor, perhaps, or even just a friend you love to read?

Of course, my friend Taedis is high on the list.  He has a great grasp on areas that eluded me, so when I read his stuff, I do learn quite a bit.

I have read a lot of the other authors out there, but you can tell when I’ve read the work of others by the fact that I go long periods of time not writing.  There is a great diversity in styles etc. but the chance of copying the ideas of others bothers me enough that when I’m absorbing the work of others, I don’t even consider writing my own stuff.  I have to have an idea before I sit down to write, I can’t just conjure an idea up from the empty page.

♥ Finally, before we let you go, what can readers look forward to seeing from you next?

I am in the process of writing a BE (Breast Expansion) story featuring a lovely woman I met at Size Con last year called Demora Avarice.  It will be a fictionalized version of her using the essence of men to expand herself.  She has already agreed to allow some of her images to be in the book, which I hope to finish over the next couple of months.

After that I have several other backburner stories that I might get to.  One is a kind of sequel to my first “real” book trilogy.  They are called Under Her… Spell (#1), Thumb (#2), and Skin( #3).  In this story a group of modern-day witches find the secret to size change and each of the coven members will have their own short story, with some crossover chapters.

Thanks again for letting me share part of my story.

♥ Thanks so much for stopping by - looking forward to sharing some reviews this afternoon!

About GP Ellison: GP Ellison is of course a pen name...but the person behind it enjoys everything they write. Fetish, erotica, supernatural, giant women, shrunken men, femdom, cuckold, parody, fantasy and Sci-fi are all in the wheelhouse. GP believes that to write something you have to understand it on some level. That isn't to say he has been shrunken down to 5 inches tall but man has he thought about it....a lot.


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