Wednesday, March 27, 2019

Fourplay Fetish Feature: An Interview with Sophia Thornton (GTS, femdom, erotica)

Welcome to the latest installment of the Fourplay Fetish Feature, which sees us dedicate 4 days to showcasing an author, a topic, or a fetish that has excited me. This time out we are indulging in the erotic world of giantesses and shrunken men/women.

Keeping things going while I am on vacation, I am delighted to introduce you to Sophia Thornton, who has graciously agreed to stop by for a chat.

♥ Thank you so much for taking the time to join us - we are so very delighted to have you! For those readers who have yet to encounter your work, can you give us a brief introduction?

Irish author in complete denial about having turned 30 last year. Writer of Size Smut! (Macrophilia themed stories). I've been writing these stories for the last number of years, but have had this kink since I was a kid. My stories follow evil themes with a specific focus on entrapment, humiliation and insertion.

♥ How did you first get exposed to the macro/micro world? Were there old memories of sci-fi movies or cartoons that you fetishized, or was your introduction more direct?

Dr. Blight - She was the Villainess from a TV show called Captain Planet and the Planeteers. Her left eye is covered because of an acid burn on her skin. She was the first dominant female villain that I ever noticed... and then she was a Giantess in one of the episodes, and that flicked a switch in my brain. I wanted to be in that little aquarium, owned by her. (Random fact, she was voiced by Meg Ryan, back in the original airing)

♥ For some readers, the appeal seems to be in the size contrast itself. For others, it is in the power exchange. Some look to the genre for arousal, some for horror, and others for both. What is the primary appeal for you, as an author?

For me, it's power. One party needs to have total and complete power and control over the other. Which leads the fetish into a lot of fun scenarios. I have often fantasized about giant men, women, couples and tinies of every description. Maid gets the upper hand as one trope, but then spoiled brat takes ownership of her step parents. There are so many fun premises to play with, especially with the power dynamic. I have never experienced horror with it, only ever fascination when I was a child which grew into a sexual desire. As an author, my goal is always to make my reader horny, but engaged. I pride myself on writing story lines for my smut.

♥ Since we're talking the imaginative side of erotica, is there a personal fetish or a fantasy that you have yet to explore? Somewhere, maybe, you fear to go in your stories?

Yes actually. It's transference. I'm very interested in transformation as a fun scenario. However, it seems that most of the market wants stories about mannequins that can't move. I was half way through writing a story about a girl that turned her bitchy housemate into a thong, when I realized I wanted to write something better. I want to write a story where a character, a really weak character on the bottom of the social ladder, absorbs attractive traits from people. Forcefully taking it away from them, and becoming full bodied and beautiful... whilst turning enemies into husks of their former selves. Sorry, yes. Transference, that's my next one.

♥ With reviews so crucial to generating exposure, what are some of the weirdest or most wonderful reactions you’ve had from readers?

I rarely get them to be honest. I get emails more often. I've actually gotten some wonderful commission clients from them. I've received a couple of dick pics, which is never fun. Some hate mail and some insulting messages that are designed to goad me into roleplaying as an evil bitch. All of those things evaporate the moment you get a 5 star review from a person that genuinely enjoys your work.

♥ Is there an author within the genre who inspires you? A mentor, perhaps, or even just a friend you love to read?

I admire a few people in this fetish, for a number of different reasons. Some for their work ethic, others for their tone and style. Giantess Nyx is a stand out favorite, along with Giantess Tina. They have a playful way of engaging with the fetish and it makes reading their works very fun for me.

♥ Finally, before we let you go, what can readers look forward to seeing from you next?

What can they look forward to next? Club Alchemy. It'll be a size story, of multiple sizes... Giga to Micro. Drunk people, tiny people all in one Nightclub where every character is based on a prolific content creator within the Size Fetish community. It's still in the works at the moment, but I'm hopeful I'll have it out in the next month or so.

♥ Thanks so much for stopping by - looking forward to sharing some reviews this afternoon!

About Sophia Thornton: I'm an Irish native, living in Dublin and I write stories about things I find hot. Ever since I was a kid, I fantasized about being shrunk down in size and toyed with. As I got older, the toyed with... turned into being enslaved, entrapped, humiliated and subjected to devious sexual acts. So if you're looking for Gentle stuff? This is definitely not the place for you.


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