Thursday, March 28, 2019

Fourplay Fetish Feature: An Interview with Anoka Kon (GTS femdom erotica)

Welcome to the latest installment of the Fourplay Fetish Feature, which sees us dedicate 4 days to showcasing an author, a topic, or a fetish that has excited me. This time out we are indulging in the erotic world of giantesses and shrunken men/women.

Keeping things going while I am on vacation, I am delighted to introduce you to Anoka Kon, who has graciously agreed to stop by for a chat.

♥ Thank you so much for taking the time to join us - we are so very delighted to have you! For those readers who have yet to encounter your work, can you give us a brief introduction?

my name is anoka kon, i am a tiny woman who specializes in size fiction regarding male giants and lgbtq+ love size fantasies! i'm also the creator and writer for the male giant comic 'stronger'!

♥ How did you first get exposed to the macro/micro world? Were there old memories of sci-fi movies or cartoons that you fetishized, or was your introduction more direct?

when i was little i remember seeing the little mermaid, the littles, and reading the borrower books, and i always imagined being the size of a tiny. i loved the idea of being small because in real life, i was always the shortest one in my classes. i enjoyed being the cute small one. as i grew older, i began to realize that it was a part of me. my favorite movie of mine when i was a kid had to be the littles movie and alice in wonderland. they had great growth scenes and great handheld!

♥ For some readers, the appeal seems to be in the size contrast itself. For others, it is in the power exchange. Some look to the genre for arousal, some for horror, and others for both. What is the primary appeal for you, as an author?

as an author i look for authenticity in works of size fiction. how plausible is the writing premise? how do the characters get along? i'm more of a relationship type of girl. i enjoy authentic problems and realistic solutions; if your boyfriend is fifty feet high, what do you expect him to wear? bedsheets and quilts of course! the size of the person can affect some aspects of a relationship, but how do the characters resolve their issues? for example, if a man grows to be a hundred feet tall, does he lose his shyness in talking to girls or does he become more robust and brazen because of a sudden change in size?

♥ Since we're talking the imaginative side of erotica, is there a personal fetish or a fantasy that you have yet to explore? Somewhere, maybe, you fear to go in your stories?

deeply fear going into giantess stories. i don't want to tread on anyone's feet when it comes to GTS. i'm not a big fan of all the GTS that goes on the internet; a lot of it, i feel, is dehumanizing to women or makes them some sort of sexual object. women are so much more than that. i have written a few stories in my time of wlw, but they were always safe stories where the women are portrayed as likeable because of their brains, not their boobs. i do on occasion reject commissions where the person is asking me to write very sexual giantesses who are fueled by revenge by death or domination. i feel that takes away from the complexity of the person, and turns them into an evil entity. i never want to do that to someone.

♥ With reviews so crucial to generating exposure, what are some of the weirdest or most wonderful reactions you’ve had from readers?

i have had the pleasure of someone actually saying to me that they use my writing as 'fap material'! they had asked for a sexy giantess (safe of course) writing piece, and i provided. about a year later i get a message from them saying that they are glad that they commissioned me, and would want to do it again!

♥ Is there an author within the genre who inspires you? A mentor, perhaps, or even just a friend you love to read?

the people who inspire me are very close to me in the writing community. i consider them my friends. their love of life and of the art of writing makes me love them even more; and they're awesome people! i have to say, i dont pick favorites out of my friends. but some authors who definitely inspire me are J.R.R. Tolkien and Anne McCaffrey.

♥ Finally, before we let you go, what can readers look forward to seeing from you next?

readers can definitely look forward to the newest issue of stronger (coming summer 2019) as well as some fantasy size writing that will be posted up for sale that involves mermaids!

♥ Thanks so much for stopping by - I look forward to reading some of your work when I get back from vacation!

About Anoka Kon: Anoka Kon is a tiny woman who specializes in size fiction regarding male giants and lgbtq+ love size fantasies! She is also the creator and writer for the male giant comic 'stronger'!


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