Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Her Majesty and the Escorts by N.J. Adel (#femdom #romance #reverseharem #bdsm)

Her Royal Harem is an "erotic romance novella with epic love and torture" with disclaimers for BDSM, female domination, violence, and explicit sex. Her Majesty's Harem, the first book, hooked me from the start with its opening scene of blindfolded commoners being auditioned for the Queen, while Her Majesty and the Virgin proved to be proper reverse harem novella, complete with a plot, background, history, and character building.

The story continues with Her Majesty and the Escorts, in which we not only get a harem of sexy boys, but a pair of competitive men, one of whom chafes at the image of the Queen with another man, and one who is open to all sorts of relationship combinations. All the tension and drama of the last book surrounding the Queen's guards comes to a head here.

The Queen has proven herself to be a woman of powerful emotions, a fair ruler, an affectionate lover, and a sadistic dominatrix who has no problem making use of those who belong to her. The story is told in quick snippets, from alternating points of view, allowing us to appreciate the human element behind all the sex. It makes for a challenging read, and I found it harder to get lost in this chapter, but I loved how it explored the characters.

The bondage and domination here is intensely erotic, although on the cruel side, and the orgy is nearly as exciting as the cuckolding. There is some uncomfortable language used in those scenes, but the intent - the mocking of homophobia - keeps it on the right side of wrong. The drama, though, is where this shines brightest . . . or perhaps darkest . . . with tragedy, sacrifice, and sorrow being the dues we pay for a happy ending.

N. J. Adel is a cross genre author. From dark women's fiction to sci-fi and fantasy. From sexy short stories to full-length literary books. She loves it all. She teaches English by day and writes fun smut by night with her German Shepherd, Leo.


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