Wednesday, March 27, 2019

The Cruel Collection by Sophia Thornton (GTS femdom erotica horror vore)

Welcome to the latest installment of the Fourplay Fetish Feature, which sees us dedicate 4 days to showcasing an author, a topic, or a fetish that has excited me. his time out we are indulging in the erotic world of giantesses and shrunken men/women.

We had a chance to chat with Sophia Thornton this morning, and now I am delighted to introduce you to some of her stories.

With a title like The Cruel Collection: First Shrinking Bundle, you have to expect some darkness to the stories that Sophia Thornton weaves, but it may not be the darkness nor the cruelty you expect. There are understandable motivations behind many of the stories, forgivable ones in some cases, that make the stories themselves a voyeuristic exercise in justice that I quite enjoyed. I have not reviewed all 8 stories in the collection, just picked a few that I think best illustrated what to expect.

Weekend With My Ex, the first story in the collection, takes a while to reveal all of its depth, and that is precisely what I enjoyed. It tells a complete story, building the personalities and backstory of its characters, and making the reveal of true intentions that much easier to understand and appreciate. This is very much a story of revenge, one orchestrated by the shrinking of women and by their transformation into inanimate objects. The sweaty high heels and thong panties and kind of must-haves for a story like this, but the threat of being transformed into a condom and worn by your ex-boyfriend while he gets his sexual revenge for your cheat? Yes, that is inspired! Beneath all the cruelty and abuse, there is a thread of companionship to the story, an exploration of lost friendship rediscovered, powered by two people who are fascinated by the witchcraft that so horrified others. I quit enjoyed this, and it made me eager to devour the rest of the collection.

Chloe's Saturday was a definite favorite of mine, the story of a young woman who just wants to be left along in the whirlpool, and who is annoyed by the company inside the sauna. It is the story of two bitchy cheerleaders and their cheating boyfriends. It is also the story of a peculiar purple amulet and some comically ill-timed shrinking that leads to boys and girls being sat on, crushed, nearly drowned, and all but shredded by pool filtration systems. I loved that the story kept us guessing as to who might have known what about the shrinking, teasing us with Chloe just happening to look away or close her eyes with each purple flash, and the final scenes are just perfect. Entirely satisfying for anybody who has ever felt pressured, bullied, or just ignored by the cool kids.

Pandora's Box brings the collection back to the cruelty with the story of a wish gone wrong and magic backfired. Jenna gave her boyfriend an enchanted box that was supposed to ensure they'd be together forever, and curse any woman who tried to come between them, but she found out how badly she miscalculated when he broke up with her. Not, his latest girlfriend, Melanie, has opened the box and discovered just how much she wants to abuse the 8 tiny women who broke up with James before her. There is a lot of crushing, smothering, and such to this story, with the magic of the box making their fates a little less horrible, and there is a final twist to the final opening of the box that I totally did not see coming, but which makes use of some lovely symbolism.

If the previous stories toyed with cruelty, Jade's Little Problem completely and totally indulges in it. This is a vore story, which should tell you all you need to know - and if you don't know what that refers to, it basically means somebody is going to get swallowed. It all begins at a gala where Brian notices that one of the other attendees has the shrinking virus. He is not very kind to her. In fact, he uses her, mistreats her, humiliates her, and dominates her, all for his own perverse amusement. It is all very cruel and non-consensual, with a lot of fears and tears, but the size-difference makes the sense of power intoxicating. It is less a story you read to find out how it ends and more one you read to discover how it gets there. Cruel, violent, and with no glimmer of a happy ending, it is still a fantastic horror story.

About Sophia Thornton: I'm an Irish native, living in Dublin and I write stories about things I find hot. Ever since I was a kid, I fantasized about being shrunk down in size and toyed with. As I got older, the toyed with... turned into being enslaved, entrapped, humiliated and subjected to devious sexual acts. So if you're looking for Gentle stuff? This is definitely not the place for you.


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