Friday, March 15, 2019

Tigress of Futan by April Garrus (futa scifi erotica)

Tigress of Futan is an interesting story in that it does not play to convention, and does not adhere to the genre conventions you might expect.

Zorah and Mally are Students of the Way, a religious sect that teaches the art of combat and the purity of thought and deed. Believing that lust leads to the Dark Path, its leaders teach the students to control their urges and to restrain their physical responses.

Not only does Zorah struggle with those teachings, she actively rejects them. She is proud of her futa body, proud of her Futan heritage, and very much in love - or perhaps lust - with Mally. She sees no reason why they should not give in to their passions, stealing away from lessons and meditation to make love to one another in darkened corridors. Each time they are caught, every time they are punished, she grows more and more scornful of the Way, and continues to pursue her feelings for Mally regardless of the consequences.

Now, with that set-up you are likely expecting two things of a story like this - either that true love will somehow win out, or that Zorah will come to some sort of spiritual awakening. I will not spoil things, but in case the Foundations of a Monster subtitle did not clue you in, April Garrus is not interested in apologies or absolution.

This was a fascinating introduction to a new world, one with a headstrong protagonist about whom we are left very conflicted. It will be curious to see where Tigress of Futan goes next.

World traveler and aspiring God-Empress, April Garrus tried a number of things (teaching, MMA, pro wrestling, etc.) before discovering a profound talent for writing dirty stories. She enjoys coffee, metal, kung fu movies, and crushing her enemies.

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