Monday, April 22, 2019

Announcing the 2nd of my Vintage Tanya Tales!

Two weeks ago I had the pleasure of introducing (re-introducing, for some old fans and friends) Fetish Immersion, the first of my Vintage Tanya Tales. The first story I ever published, half a lifetime and a whole other life ago, it is a forced feminization and role-reversal story with a rather dark soul.

I became her sissy and she became my boyfriend. And then it got weird.

Now, as promised, I am pleased to announce the publication of Inside Job: From Taking Care to Taking Over, the second of my Vintage Tanya Tales.

My first body swap story, this a fun way of exploring my dreams of femininity, but with the ‘be careful what you wish for’ cautionary aspect. While I promised myself I would not change these stories too much (the memories have great sentimental value), the original draft did have room for improvement – it was a little short, it lacked an explanation for why the swap happened, and it felt unfinished.

Maybe, with a woman that messed up, it took an inside job to set things right.

I have taken the opportunity to expand upon the story and give the swap a little more significance. Unlike with Fetish Immersion, I not only chose to maintain the darkness of Inside Job, but I actually followed it through to the end, using it to feed a final scene that I think elevates the whole story to another level. That's not to say it's entirely dark - the blurb does tease the possibility of love - but there is an edge to it all.

Ultimately, what you are about to read is the same story I published a lifetime ago, just a little longer and a little deeper. Enjoy!

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