Tuesday, April 9, 2019

Announcing the Vintage Tanya Tales!

Once upon a time, there was an anxious, confused young author who explored their gender issues and sexual identity through fiction. It was in words that they enjoyed the expression that life denied them, and it was through readers that they found the acceptance, the friendship, and the validation that was missing from the flesh. For five years they allowed their stories to escape into the world, publishing them with the kind of passionate abandon that belongs only to the young.

Nearly two-hundred-thousand words of erotic fiction burned its way through their imagination, dancing across the keyboard and onto the page. It was through those words that so many friendships were kindled, and so many relationships explored. In baring their heart and soul, they not only found a community, but they also found themselves. They owed more to fiction and fantasy than to family or friends, with words of support and encouragement that made their heart sing:

You have done something truly magnificent here. I have read many good stories over the years. But, only a handful compare to your efforts here.

This is one of the best stories I've ever read here, and THAT'S saying something!

A well crafted tale that was a pleasure to read.

Well. This is the most original story I've read in some time. It's also very well crafted, thoughtful and touching.

What a horny imagination. Such an awesomely fun story! 

This made my head spin! I LOVED it! Very good idea and rather well executed and told.

Their name was – at least, for a time - Tanya. It was a name given to them by one of the first people to accept them for who they truly were . . . and so Tanya they remained, at least until I was gifted the name Sally by the first person to love me for who I am.

Half a lifetime and a whole other life later, I have chosen to revisit those stories, to reclaim my history, and share them with a whole new community of family and friends.

Fetish Immersion was the first story I ever published, a forced feminization and role-reversal story with a rather dark soul.

While I promised myself I would not change these stories too much, I found in this one too much of the pain, the guilt, and the insecurity of my youth. I am no longer interested in apologizing for who or what I am. I would far rather celebrate my identity. And so, I decided to do just that, and tweak the story accordingly.

I became her sissy and she became my boyfriend. And then it got weird.

Fortunately, the celebratory potential was already there, it just needed to be coaxed to the surface. There is still a little bit of darkness to this version of the tale, but it’s more shades of mysterious than starkly cruel.

Fetish Immersion is the first of my Vintage Tanya Tales, which should follow about one every two weeks, until U have exhausted the archives. Updated, expanded, and edited for a new generation, I would be delighted if they encourage old friends to reconnect, but I would be just as happy to have new readers discover my literary roots.


  1. So this is your pre-Sally Bend work? Were you known just as Tanya or something with a last name? You should tell us a bit more about your previous personality!

    1. You got it, Dee. I wrote a longer intro to the book, but thought it was a bit much for a blog post.

      My name was – for a long period of time - Tanya. It was a name given to me by one of the first friends to accept me for who I truly was. It was my wife who gave me the name Sally, marking a new life for us both.

      There were, as near as I can figure, 25 stories I published between 1997 and 2002, and I've managed to restore or recover 15 of them (so far). A few are lost to dead websites and dead hard drives. There are also 2 longer novella-sized stories that I actually have printed chapbook copies of, so I'm excited to give those new life.

      Pop me an email sometime and I'll share Tanya's last name. :)