Monday, April 8, 2019

Closest Encounter by Sorcha Rowan (lesbian tentacles)

I have been obsessed with the fantasy of flying saucers and alien invaders since I was young. The very idea of strange creatures from the stars arriving to dominate us, control us, and use us for their needs . . . well, it was exciting long before I was capable for arousal.

We share so many other fantasies and fetishes, it was nice to see Sorcha Rowan indulge in this one as well, captivating me with Closest Encounter.

The story starts out very much like a vintage science fiction tale, complete with mysterious lights in the sky, a paranoid drunk with a gun, suggestions of body-snatching, and wild claims of giant reptilian monsters. It is up to Sheriff Jillian Parker to investigate the claims, and her search leads her right to a silver craft and a burned out, dried out patch of swamp.

I will leave it for you to enjoy what happens aboard the ship, but I have to say Sorcha played to all my fantasies - capture, restraint, alien goo, tentacles, telepathy, and creatures who neither think nor feel quite as we do. This was hot, and far more taboo than creepy - the whole thing feels suitably strange and alien - with a cold ending that was just about perfect.

Never mind take me to your leader, take me to your author. Given how talented and imaginative she is, I think she may be one of them . . .

A private person who's happiest in the mountains, Sorcha enjoys telling stories about finding new love in strange and wonderful places.

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