Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Female Domination Bundle by Tom Longo (BBW femdom pegging queening)

Having already enjoyed Femdom BBW and Me, my first literary taste of Tom Longo, I was excited to have the opportunity to indulge in the 10-course erotic buffet that is his Female Domination Bundle. With over 50,000 words of BBW obsession, ass-worship, face-sitting, foot-licking, cuckolding, chastity, and pegging, it offers more than enough to satisfy any appetite.

Mistress Lolita is a perfect tale to open the collection, since it tells the story of a man's first time with a dominatrix, complete with talk of rules and safe words, which help to feel authentic. It is a very sensual story, with a lovely amount of detail used to flavor the figure of Mistress Lolita, and the erotic aspects (especially the first caning and pegging) are delicious.

Serving My Femdom Hotwife: Cuckold Humiliation leads us into an already established relationship, explaining the mundane realities of how they safely enjoy a hotwife/cuckold relationship. What I loved here was the contrast between them living a lifestyle and their bull simply enjoying a fantasy. There is a lot of talk of shame and embarrassment, but always in an erotic context, where even the appearance of cruelty has deeper emotions behind it.

Trained by the Mature Goddess: Femdom Chastity is another story of discovery, with a boyfriend's courage to admit to his fantasies and indulge in his fetish for ass-worship leading to chastity, cuckolding, and cleanup. His girlfriend's transition from amusement to arousal is a very nice touch, and I loved that even after all the humiliation, they still enjoy an unconventional love.

Humiliated by My Ebony Coworker was a fun story, featuring a beautiful black woman who has no problem telling her coworker exactly what she wants of him - extended oral worship and a total focus on her pleasure. There is no question the poor boy is well-used, but he does not seem to mind, even after the final twist revelation.

Femdom BBW and Me is the story I previously enjoyed, told from the perspective of Rex, but with its focus on Shana's pleasure - which is entirely appropriate. The details are sensual and kinky, with just enough embarrassment and uncertainty on Rex's part to satisfy any thirst for humiliation, and the dialogue really carries each scene. It was a fun, fantastic read that felt genuine.

Jada's Butt Cleaner was another story of a lucky man discovering his fate, this time in the bathroom of a grocery store. Fred does not just get to serve one beautiful black woman, however, he gets to be the oral slave of two, helping them prepare for a night out (without him, of course) and to clean them after. There is plenty of very erotic verbal humiliation to this one, with Fred reduced to little more than an object, with only a few lines of dialogue himself.

My Mistress Katie was one of my favorites in the collection, with Katie inviting Paul back to her place, where she admits to having a weird fetish, and then outright asks if he would like to be her bitch. The oversized panties he is forced to wear were a very nice touch, and the enthusiasm with which she uses him, humiliates him, and degrades him is only topped by forcing him to share all the details with a friend. I love dominant women, and Katie just sparked something inside me.

Clean up This Mess!: Femdom Cuckold offers up exactly what you might expect from the title, with Chip's confession of his femdom fantasies leading Karen to discover her own fantasy of cuckolding. Once again, Tom does a wonderful job of keeping things realistic, inviting us to watch as they drive out of town to shop for a chastity cage, and mixes the erotic aspects of domination and cuckolding wonderfully. The way the story develops, with Karen settling more comfortably into her role, pushing Chip even deeper into what is now her fantasy, is delicious.

She Has the Key: Femdom Chastity closes out the collection with a story that opens with a slave on a leash, progresses to some bedroom flogging, and then goes right to erotic pegging, before ending with oral worship. I loved that this was an intimate tale, just the two characters, with no other witnesses or participants. It is almost romantic the way Sarah dominates him, and even the humiliation feels (or sounds) affectionate. Best of all, there is a lot of detail around how submission feels, and what kind of thoughts it triggers, which I loved.

If you are already a Tom Longo fan, there is still likely to be a few new discoveries in Female Domination Bundle, and if you are new to his work, this is a fantastic place to start. He does a wonderful job of capturing the reality of female domination, with characters and scenes that feel authentic. Nothing here comes across as being an unattainable fantasy - readers can imagine themselves in any of the stories, in either role, and come away feeling they could live the same story themselves.

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Tom Longo enjoys writing stories about female domination, and the men that crave it. Reading a story written by him is like being transported inside of his mind where the thoughts of being dominated are prominent.


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