Wednesday, April 3, 2019

Futas and their Femboys: Pepper and a Cheating Sissy by Alice Layne (futa sissy femdom)

If you are not already reading Alice Layne, then you are missing out on something (and someone) special. Her stories are the perfect blend of sexual and sensual, lovingly told, with characters you wish would step off the page and into your arms.

Futas and their Femboys: Pepper and a Cheating Sissy is a wonderful story of encouragement and discovery. It all begins with a young man who applies for a male maid job ad to earn a few quick dollars and get his girlfriend off his back. He does not see himself as kinky or adventurous, and is anxious about the idea of wearing a skirt, but he decides a few hundred dollars in his pocket is worth a little shame.

The woman he finds himself working for is rich, beautiful, and full of sensual confidence. Rather than being aggressively dominant, she is friendly and romantic, encouraging (never forcing) further gender exploration. As our narrator says at one point - and I so love this line so much - "Perfection had a name… She just hadn’t told me it yet."

The whole story is sweet and sensual, inviting the reader to snuggle up and enjoy the slow progression through full feminization to sexual submission. There is absolutely no pressure here, no humiliation, and no sense of emasculation. It feels entirely natural for this straight, vanilla young man to want to become a sissy bottom for a beautiful (and very well-hung) futa, and the erotic realization of their desires really does feel like the opening of a deeper relationship. Such a gorgeous story, and one that is guaranteed to leave a happy smile on your face.

About Alice Layne: Hello! A little bit about me, I'm a twenty-three-year-old transgender woman pursuing writing erotica as a career. My stories are short, emotionally dense, and steamy! Often, these stories have a focus on crossdressing, sissification, cheating, and other naughty things....


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