Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Nightmare of the Tentacles by Eva Roche-Poésy (tentacle dubcon erotica)

As much as I love tentacle stories, there is a tendency to either focus exclusively the tentacles as disembodied sexual toys, or to attach them to a more familiar humanoid figure. They are rarely enjoyed as part of the squid or octopus creature to whom they belong, and I think that is what excited me so much about Nightmare of the Tentacles by Eva Roche-Poésy.

This is a powerfully erotic story that descends from the realm of wet dreams and bathtub fantasies into the depths of monster love. The doubt and confusion behind the first half of the story are beautifully captured, with Lottie unsure as to what is really happening, leaving her equally terrified and titillated.

It is in the second half of the story, where her tentacled lover appears in her bed, refusing her the escape from dream or fantasy, that things get hot, wet, and joyously explicit. With eight tentacles surrounding her, caressing her, and exploring her every orifice, Lottie is overwhelmed. She fights this mysterious lover, and demands that he leave her alone, but she cannot fight her own arousal or her growing attachment to such extreme pleasures.

When Eva introduces the "bulbous, fleshy head" with "tiny slits for eyes and a hard orange beak," I started to get excited, but what pushed me over the edge was the description of how he spread himself across her and "sucked her breasts into his underbelly" and then "milked them with undulating movements." Having teased us with disembodied tentacle molestation in the first half, the story indulges our fetish to the fullest, going all octopus! Add in the fetish-fuel of his tentacles having penis-like tips that swell, expand, and ejaculate inside her, and there is no escaping Nightmare of the Tentacles without an orgasm or three.

Author and artist Eva Roche-Poésy was born in France, grew up in NYC and in her mid 20s returned to Europe where she continued to write and travel. She ghost writes for numerous travel blogs and magazines and has lived in Denmark, France, German, Russia, The Netherlands and Spain. She spends her days playing with her kids, writing and searching for delicious wines and interesting foods.

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