Tuesday, April 23, 2019

One more for the Road by Pamela Harlow (femdom feminization pegging)

One more for the Road is a dark story of female domination and a cruel tale of forced feminization, but it is one that will leave readers cheering. Pamela Harlow has gender-swapped the classic story of small-town vigilante justice, bringing in a retired (and beautiful) special agent to teach the men of Blue Horse a lesson in manners.

I think what makes the story so effective is how patient Emma is. She sits in the bar, reading her book, and just observes the crowd - watching how they treat the waitresses, listening to the language they use, and seeing how their manager does nothing to protect them. Emma allows the men to turn their attention to her, with one of them so bold as to place a hand on her thigh, and she warns them repeatedly that their behavior is not welcome. There is no entrapment here and no knee-jerk leaps into vengeance. By the time she acts, we cannot deny what a bad situation it is, and we understand that extreme measures are required.

The other thing that I really liked about Pamela's story is just how casual everything is. It is clear these men are nothing special, how they are beneath our notice. This is not a fantasy of turning men into sissies or of teaching them the joys of anal stimulation. One more for the Road is, to some extent, a cautionary tale of teaching the men a lesson through humiliation, but it more a story of empowering the women of the bar and giving them back their dignity.

About Pamela Harlow: I'm a Birmingham (UK) girl in my late 20s with a love of music, books and BDSM. Several years ago, I met a few boys who were into kink and had a fun time dominating them in the bedroom. Following on from that, I started to attend fetish events. At these events, I love how I can explore my own dominant side whilst also helping others to find out more about how feminine they can be.

As well as reading and writing, I have a huge passion for music and play several instruments. My main instrument's the guitar, and I play a Fender Stratocaster.

I'm quite a quiet girl: I'd rather be reading and writing in a quiet place than partying with a big group. However, I do love a fun time when I'm comfortable with my surroundings (like in a familiar kink club) and I'm confident when I'm playing music.

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