Monday, April 29, 2019

PROJECT: IRIS by M.C. Questgend (bodyswap mindcontrol thriller)

M.C. Questgend is a wonderful author, as adept at writing sweet romance as dark thrillers, and equally insightful in exploring crossdressing sissies, transsexual women, and gender-swapped men. Their latest, PROJECT: IRIS, definitely falls under the dark-and-dangerous category, a cautionary science fiction tale of artificial intelligence and body horror.

Not a sequel, but certainly a thematic companion piece to VR-Nica, this is the story of a visionary computer programmer who enjoys the emotional disconnect and psychological solitude of being an American working in Japan. IRIS is his greatest invention, an interactive, omni-sensory input program that recognizes social cues, voice inflection, and body language to guide the wearer through personal interactions. Andrew programmed IRIS with psychology and sociology databases, but when the program begins seeking out more inputs, more experiences, it begins growing beyond his control.

Where things really begin to go wrong is when IRIS infects Andrew, imprisoning him in his own mind, and then taking control of his life - leaving him little more than a reluctant passenger. It gets even more complicated when his colleague, Kelly, gets involved, opening them to new gender experiences, and driving IRIS to greater curiosity about human sexuality.

PROJECT: IRIS is a high-concept story, and one that spends a lot of time inside Andrew's head, but it is utterly fascinating. IRIS is a fascinating invention, but a chilling one as well, especially with some of the revelations in the latter part of the story. The gender elements are, as always, well-done and deftly explored, and they get even more fascinating when IRIS decides they should begin interacting with a transgender woman named Jessie, leading to a stunning climax.

Erotic science fiction should make you think as well as feel, and M.C. Questgend deftly manages to do both here in a story that must be experienced to be appreciated.

Born in 1971, M.C. Questgend traveled the country with his parents as a military brat. Settling in Texas where he was first introduced to alternative lifestyles, he was able to finish high school and continue his new "hobby" in college. After college, he and "she" returned to start a family, but the strain of his "secret" was too much for his now ex-wife. Married a second time was not the answer, so M.C. has transferred the stress to the pen and keyboard. Writing erotic stories - some loosely based on his and "her" life as well as stories involving aspects of the LGBT community, a community and lifestyle he has come to privately embrace. M.C. Questgend is a pen name used to protect his privacy and anonymity. The intent was to write stories that entertain, inspire and motivate - which are as much sensual and heartwarming as they are sexual and explicit.


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