Monday, April 29, 2019

Smitten Kitten by Terri Peterson (lesbian BDSM)

One of the things that intrigues me so much about Terri Peterson's stories is that you can never quite anticipate how they are going to develop or where they are going to go.

Smitten Kitten opens as a BDSM-themed erotic romance, sweet at times, and wonderfully sensual - but letting Joyce and Mistress Jayne seduce you into thinking this is nothing more than a lesbian love affair would be a mistake. Mistress Jane has a dark side, and there is one scene in particular where she appears to turn on Joyce, becoming this cruel and ragingly aggressive woman we do not recognize, but even that is a story with hidden layers.

Midway through the story, there is a pivotal scene at the fetish club, Le Cachot, where revenge and punishment are (perhaps) taken a step too far, but the consequences of that night are still something we do not see coming.

Between those moments of darkness, Peterson does an amazing job of weaving a tale of lesbian discovery, complete with an intensely sensual erotic power exchange. There is genuine bondage and discipline to the story, along with scenes of erotic worship that will leave you flushed. I loved the way the story continued to surprise me, but I loved the core relationship even more.

'Terri' Peterson, was born August 19th, 1969, and spent what she referred to as 'a miserably failed experiment in tyranny' at a typical secondary school, where she was bullied relentlessly and made fun of. She left with no regrets, a handful of qualifications for a career in banking, and bitter memories of time spent being the object of ridicule by her peers. Being myopic, gauche, skinny and flat-chested, sporting a head of rich auburn hair, made her a daily target for abuse, which she escaped by becoming immersed in the fantasy world of writing short stories.

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