Thursday, April 11, 2019

Spanish Surprises: A Thai Ladyboy Abroad by Becky Huntingdon (ladyboy gay erotica)

Spanish Surprises: A Thai Ladyboy Abroad is the first volume of Bell's European Adventure, an erotic travel-inspired series from a delightful new voice in erotic fiction, Becky Huntingdon.

What initially struck me about the story is the way Bell opens with an insider's view of Thai ladyboy culture. Having become so accustomed to stories of Westerners taking sex vacations to Thailand, it was refreshing to hear Bell talk of needing to go overseas to feel special. She is a good girl, a smart girl, a girl who never worked the bars or the streets, but she is confident, determined, and empowered by her sexuality.

The other thing that struck me about the story is that it is really does feel like a travelogue, with Bell sharing the challenges of travel, the fatigue of jet-lag, and the sensation of being lost in a new place. She feels like a real person, not just a sexual figure, and experiencing her navigate the streets of Barcelona is exciting.

Having said all that, Bell traveled for a reason, and she does find several men (and one woman) who make her feel special, including the captain of her plane, a gay couple she meets in a bar, and a dominatrix from the Travesti club (where she also meets a curious pair of sissies). The erotic scenes are wonderfully detailed, explicit without being trashy, and a joy to read. There is nothing over-the-top or extreme here in terms of fetish or fantasy, just the fortunate encounters of a young Thai ladyboy enjoying the world.

I adored Bell's first adventure and am anxious to see where she goes next!

About Becky Huntingdon: Hi, I'm Becky, a sometimes boy, sometimes girl who loves writing naughty stories. Most of what I write is based on my experience living and crossdressing in Thailand.


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