Thursday, April 25, 2019

Tigress of Futan II by April Garrus (futa lesbian scifi erotica)

Picking up where the cliffhanger ending of Tigress of Futan left off, Tigress of Futan: Foundations of a Monster II is another exciting work of science-fiction erotica from April Garrus that absolutely refuses to play to convention.

The first book was our introduction to the Way, a religious sect that teaches the art of combat and the purity of thought and deed, denying Zorah the pleasures of her futa body and refusing her love for Mally. Cast out from the temple, she finds a very different sort of mentor and teacher in Naka, a darkly powerful woman who encourages her to embrace the Dark Path and to give in to her most selfish desires.

This second book stands in direct contrast to the first in so many ways, and the Way/Path distinction is just the beginning. Having explored frantic, tentative moments of forbidden romantic delights in the first book, here we get deeper, more intense sessions of prolonged pleasure that are almost reminiscent of a BDSM power-exchange. While there is violence within both books, here it has more emotion behind it, and that drives us to a climax in the Academy, where we find an entirely different culture from the Temple where conflict is not just welcomed, but encouraged.

Obviously, we do not know what future installments will bring, but I was pleased to see that Garrus did not soften her headstrong protagonist or pull back from the darker themes. There is less of a cliffhanger to this volume, but I am even more excited to read more.

World traveler and aspiring God-Empress, April Garrus tried a number of things (teaching, MMA, pro wrestling, etc.) before discovering a profound talent for writing dirty stories. She enjoys coffee, metal, kung fu movies, and crushing her enemies.


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