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Big Daddy's Girls by Angel Belmont (sissy transsexual bisexual)

Big Daddy's Girls is a 4-book (so far) serialized story from Angel Belmont that just tickled my fancy with the first story, excited me with the second, and delighted me with the third and fourth. Angel builds such a wonderful community within Big Daddy's home that you long to be invited, and the adopted sisterhood that Darling finds there is just fabulous.

The story begins on a deliciously quirky note in Becoming His, where a young priest by the name of Frederick finds himself hearing an increasingly erotic (and troubling) confession. The young woman on the other side of the partition shocks him with her secrets, not the least of which is that she is wearing a diaper, before revealing just how much Big Daddy knows of Frederick's own sissy secrets. I am not sure I have ever enjoyed such an odd, unsettling opening to a story. Talk about capturing the reader's attention!

What is even more impressive is how much heart and soul is contained within all the kinky eroticism. We see Frederick struggle with what is a life-altering decision, with so many conflicting emotions that feel genuine. The mystery of it all is wonderful as well, especially with the contract that causes Frederick so much turmoil. It is a story that is full of anxiety, but one that is also full of hope - even with the shocking eroticism of what Frederick must do to prove his commitment.

Where the first book was really our introduction to Frederick, The House of Desires is where we begin to get to know Big Daddy, a wealthy man of erotic tastes who believes in helping his chosen girls realize their deepest, darkest, most depraved fantasies. It opens with Frederick's first formal meeting with Big Daddy, where he accepts the new name of Darling before watching as Rachel, the transsexual maid with the razor-sharp tongue, shows what their Big Daddy is capable of. It is a fantastic scene, intensely sexual, and yet emotionally exciting as well.

This is also where the story opens up to embrace more of Big Daddy's Girls, providing Darling with a taste of what she can expect of her new life. I fully admit, the whole ABDL fetish has never done anything for me, but after reading of Baby-Girl's free-spirited sexual glee . . . her tender nursing by Mommy, the house's resident Madam . . . being carried lovingly to have her diaper changed . . . and her bedtime routine of being pegged before being laid in her crib . . . well, I get it. Big Daddy's Girls is a story of acceptance, no matter how odd the fetish or the fantasy.

The third chapter, All the Way, is pivotal in so many ways. For one, it is where Darling first comes to accept that it might be okay to be a feminine sissy, with all the wants and desires that come with that. She struggles with the image she presents, especially surrounded by so many beautiful, sexually confident sisters, but takes her first step towards self-acceptance. Having witnessed two of her sisters getting sexual with the help, Darling decides to take the initiative with her French tutor - a delightfully amusing seduction scene that also serves to outline the boundaries of appropriate sexual behavior.

This chapter is also pivotal in that Darling meets with Doctor Poppy, the eccentric sort of mad scientist who is responsible for the almost miraculous transitions of Big Daddy's Girls. She makes so much of the story possible, transforming dreams into reality. After that, the pivotal confrontation with Mr. and Mrs. Kimble is deliberately shocking, another pivotal moment that tests Darling's acceptance of other people's fantasies and fetishes. Without saying too much, I marveled at the way Angel turned a dubcon scene of extreme cuckolding into another lesson in how Big Daddy loves and accepts all his girls.

Having been invited, introduced, and tested, Darling finds herself fully accepted into The Sisterhood of Big Daddy's Girls in the latest installment. This was, in a word, glorious! We get to see this newly blossoming sissy, still uncomfortable and uncertain of herself, being welcomed into the erotic embrace of her sisters - sissy, transsexual, and cisgender. The shower orgy scene is mind-blowing in its sexual intensity, with so many hands and mouths and other things intertwined, but it is all positive, body-affirming, and emotionally connected. Just wonderful.

After that, the second half of the story feels far more ordinary subdued, but that is what makes it so happy. Darling and Hope take Baby-Girl out for the afternoon, dress her in a teddy bear onesie, and sit and chat while she plays on a public playground. Hope is the youngest of the sisters, and in the early stages of her transition. Even as they are being so warmly welcomed by the world, especially by the cafe that offers Baby-Girl crayons and a paper place-mat without a second thought, they talk of the challenges of social acceptance for the transgender community. It is a lovely way to remind us that not everybody is as understanding as Big Daddy, and the sexual twist that closes out the chapter is perfect.

I absolutely adored the first four chapters of Big Daddy's Girls, and you can bet I will be all over the next installment. I am just in love with the entire concept. If there were more men like Big Daddy and more women like his Girls, the world would be a far better place. I know it is just a fantasy, but I would be lying if I said I was not dreaming of Baby-Girl someday slipping a contract into my hand.

Angel Belmont is the writer of erotic fiction books. Some of the themes you'll see include: Sissy, Feminization, Toys, Hormones, Gender Bending, Diapers, ABDL, Cuckolding, Massive Cocks, Pegging, BDSM, impregnation, Breastfeeding, Oral, Anal, Vaginal, Interracial, and many more filthy delights. Angel is not a lazy writer. The stories will have character development. There will be some dark elements. Knowing the characters will make their adventures that much hotter

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