Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Coming Home Again by Scott Roche (gay scifi romance)

Coming Home Again is a wonderfully intimate character study of two men from different lives and different eras, brought together by the most unusual of circumstances. Scott Roche flips the alien abduction trope on its head, skipping past the abduction itself and focusing instead on the return.

I liked the mystery of it all, the uncertainty of whether Rogers really was abducted and returned; whether he a spy for an alien race or a foreign power; and whether he really has feelings for Blair or is just stringing him along. The uncertainty within the government is a nice touch too, with Blair's superiors making us wonder what stories are lies or truths, what they really know, and what it is they want of Rogers.

Roche smartly keeps the sci-fi elements to a minimum, giving us glimpses of alien technology and references to the reptilian abductors, but keeping most of that off the page. Allowing the romance to be just that, a slow-burning transition from doctor/patient, to friends, to lovers, is a nice touch as well.

There is a payoff for fans of sci-fi and romance in the final scenes, with a climax that delivers on all the promise while still fitting the tone and feel of the rest of the story. Overall, a solid piece of storytelling.

Scott Roche is an author, podcaster, and publisher. His work has been published in a number of anthologies. He's available for birthday parties, bar-mitzvahs, quinceaneras, and anywhere else cake is served. A Christian and an avid fan of horror, he believes that there is beauty to be found everywhere.

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