Wednesday, May 1, 2019

Conversion by Debbie Lawrence (transgender fiction)

Conversion therapy as a "so-called" cure for the non-diseases of homosexuality and gender variance has long been invalidated by such august institutions as The American Psychological Association, among others.

In these troubled times, with the pendulum of human rights and control over others swinging into dangerous territory, especially in the United States, we need to be especially hyper-vigilant in this arena.

In "Conversion: The Tragedy of Conversion Therapy", author Debbie Lawrence has written a wonderful novel about a sweet little boy whose only problem is that he both feels and thinks he is a girl. This cautionary tale is uniquely written with a childlike simplicity that belies the "train wreck" of horror that moves inexorably to a final conclusion.

Because the book begins with what occurs at the end, this writer spent his entire reading time wishing and hoping that there might be a magical or dream ending that renders the beginning untrue. For full enjoyment, it is strongly suggested that the reader apply their own wishes and hopes.

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