Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Desert Sissy & Sissy Maid Service by J.J. Cummings (sissy gay maledom)

J.J. Cummings is an author who will no doubt be familiar to regular readers of my Freebie Fetish Friday feature. It has been a while since I last reviewed any of their work, so I wanted to explore two stories that nicely contrast the sissy experience.

Desert Sissy explores the dark side of sissy submission and reluctant bisexuality with a story that does a very good job of establishing the main character and his situation. There is an unusually long lead-in to this, compared to what I am used to with J.J. Cummings, and that makes for a stronger story. We get to know Roma, his place in the nomadic desert tribe, and the desperate situation his people face. The tease of what he might be willing to do for the tribe is subtle, and the progression of his desperation is well done.

The crossdressing here is subtle and basic, as you would expect of the setting and culture - little more than borrowing a discarded skirt. For Roma, taking on a feminine role is more a matter of behavior than costuming, and for Zilas . . . well, he is a man clearly used to taking his pleasures however he can get them. Their interactions are edgy and rough, but very erotic, and well-detailed with some nice language.

Much to my surprise (and delight), the story does not end there, as I expected. We get to see the unfortunate consequences of Roma's actions, and Desert Sissy ends with a tease about what his future holds.

Sissy Maid Service has just a hint of an edge to it, but is largely an exuberant, exhibitionist exploration of sissy sexuality. Alan (not his real name) is a slender, naturally effeminate young man who works for an unusual maid service that requires him to bring a change of clothes to his clients' homes and prepare for an overnight stay. The tease here is a bit obvious, more a bit of playful storytelling than a serious attempt at mystery, but still appreciated.

There is not a lot of build-up to this story, beyond the very basic introduction to Alan and his peculiar career. He arrives at his client's home, is immediately instructed to change, and then quickly put to work cleaning the underside of a table, where his sissy charms and cute maid's costume are on delicious display. That is all the foreplay we get, with Alan manipulated into position to serve his client's more intimate needs.

The erotic scenes here, both under the table and in the bed, are hot! There is plenty of verbal encouragement, tearing of clothes, and physical manhandling of the sissy. Alan is picked up, dragged around, handcuffed, and used very well at both ends. There is a question as to how kinky his client might be, but it is a curiosity, and not a worry. Alan knows his place, knows his role, and loves his job.

I have a thing for sissy maids, and a soft spot in my heart for my own maid's outfit, so I do hope we will see more of the Sissy Maid Service, whether it is with Alan or his coworkers.

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