Thursday, May 16, 2019

Playing the Part by Femur and SturkWurk (comics bodyswap wedding)

I am delighted to introduce a new name to our weekly showcase of illustrated delights, SturkWurk, who is best known for his work at TGComics.

Mickey Boyle is an aging, overweight, balding gentleman. His business is going under, and he is almost a year behind on his alimony. Had he walked home from the bar, everything would have been fine, but he decides to drive drunk . . . causing a fatal accident . . . and prompting fate to leave him Playing the Part.

It seems unfair that such a man should get a second chance at life, especially one that lands him in the body of a "total babe," but he hardly sees it that way. He is very much aware of who he is (or was), but this new body has instincts and memories that he cannot seem to override.

Femur does a great job of capturing that confusion, with words that are not Mickey's and actions that he cannot control, as if he is stuck following a script. SturkWurk reinforces that confusion by contrasting her desperate eyes, awkward facial expressions, and conflicting body language. Even without the dialogue, you can look at this and know something is desperately wrong with this woman.

Of course, with this being the story of a wedding day, that means SturkWurk can pull out all the stops in indulging every crossdresser's fantasy. The makeup, the lingerie, the dresses, it all looks so beautiful, and the way Anna's body instinctively knows how to show off and display itself for maximum arousal adds a fantastic element of lust and horror. Before you think you know where this is all headed, however, there is a breakthrough in the second half that puts a significant twist on the story, and that is where Femur and SturkWurk shine brightest. It is one thing to play with being trapped, to have fun with simply Playing the Part - it is another thing entirely to explore a conscious awakening, painful self-reflection, and the struggle of being trapped between lives.

A simple story, but one that is as thoughtful as it is sexy, with the usual flourishes that make SturkWurk's comics so easy to admire.

Douglas Sturk (SturkWurk) is a writer and illustrator. He creates web comics for and, and can be hired for commission work.

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